I wear skimpy bikinis to the gym – people say it’s inappropriate but I look good

A FITNESS fanatic has been trolled over her skimpy gym gear which includes workouts in teeny bikinis – and in some cases, she wears even less.

When it comes to vigorous workouts, it’s important to wear what makes you feel your best and most comfortable – and it seems that for Bryce Adams the ultimate gym attire is a tiny bikini.

The young fitness enthusiast regularly shares gym-related content on Instagram
The young fitness enthusiast regularly shares gym-related content on InstagramCredit: Instagram/bryceadamsvids
However, people reckon her gym attire is more fit for a strip club
However, people reckon her gym attire is more fit for a strip clubCredit: Instagram/bryceadamsvids

The young stunner, believed to be from the US, regularly shares fitness content on Instagram, flaunting her toned abs and enviable body.

But instead of opting for a gym bra or a top, Bryce has decided to ditch these for a ”less is better” approach.

Those at the gym can often catch the fitness lover lifting weights in a skimpy two-piece swimwear or with tiny shorts – and sometimes she even doesn’t bother covering her chest at all.

One such clip shared on her page recently went viral, winning Bryce a whopping 4.6million views.


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”Lift heavy or go home,” Bryce wrote in the caption, all chuffed with herself.

But whilst she may have not thought much of the unusual gym gear, people on social media were of a different opinion.

Thousands raced to comments, where many reckoned the bikini outfit was an ”inappropriate” choice for visiting the gym.

”The gym isn’t a strip club,” one mortified user penned.

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Meanwhile, someone else demanded: ”Put some clothes on.”

”As a female who goes to the gym, yes this is very inappropriate for anyone present,” a third chimed in.


”I don’t think this has anything to do with anyone’s rights but you gotta dress according to the place.”

”You can tell you don’t workout serious and just seek attention,” a fourth added.

There were also those who didn’t see an issue with the summery outfit, with one supportive Instagram fan running to defend Bryce.

”I mean if no one else are wearing shirts…? i don’t see the issue everybody looks like they’re minding their business.”

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