Ikka Shares Nostalgic Journey of Hip-Hop Fashion with Raftaar at D…

Mumbai, Mar 2 – Rapper Ikka, known for his significant influence in the Indian hip-hop scene, recently reminisced about his early days in the genre, particularly his fashion journey alongside fellow rapper Raftaar. The artists, who have now become icons in the music industry, share a common past of exploring Delhi’s Palika Bazar for hip-hop fashion accessories.


Origin of Style

Ikka’s fascination with hip-hop fashion began in his childhood, drawing inspiration from international hip-hop videos. He sought to replicate the styles he admired, a quest that led him to Palika Bazar, a popular shopping hub in Connaught Place, Delhi. “The caps, the jackets, and the shoes, they always intrigued me,” Ikka shared with VOICE. He found a niche in Palika Bazar that catered to his fashion needs, a discovery that fueled his passion for the genre even further.

Comrades in Fashion


Accompanied by Raftaar and Lil Golu, Ikka’s trips to Palika Bazar were more than just shopping sprees; they were an exploration of identity and self-expression through fashion. “Fashion ‘ka keeda mujhe hip-hop ki vajah se hi laga tha’,” Ikka remarked, highlighting how hip-hop was the catalyst for his fashion evolution. The rapper’s commitment to the genre extended to wearing two T-shirts in Delhi’s scorching summers, a testament to his dedication to hip-hop style.

Legacy and Influence

Today, Ikka stands as a pillar in the Indian hip-hop community, not only for his musical contributions but also for his distinctive style. His journey from the streets of Delhi to the stages of major concerts, like the upcoming Royal Stag Boom Box, illustrates the profound impact of hip-hop on his life. Ikka’s story is a vivid reminder of the genre’s power to inspire and transform, reaching beyond music to influence fashion, lifestyle, and culture.

As Ikka continues to make waves in the music industry, his narrative serves as an inspiring example of how passion, combined with a sense of identity, can lead to remarkable achievements. His journey with Raftaar through the alleys of Palika Bazar not only shaped their personal styles but also contributed to the broader acceptance and appreciation of hip-hop culture in India.

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