I’m 5’2″ & 160 lbs and impressed with my peachy butt in my new booty boost jeans

A FASHION influencer has shared her new jeans that show off her assets perfectly.

She said the denim gave her the booty boost that she deserved.

Elssime, a 160-pound and 5'2


Elssime, a 160-pound and 5’2″ influencer, showed off her latest jeansCredit: TikTok/elssime

Elssime (@elssime) shared the try-on video with over 180,000 TikTok followers.

“If you have a flat booty, I found the perfect pants for you,” she said.

The 160-pound, 5’2″ influencer purchased the jeans, $43, in a size large.

“Get the booty boost you deserve! Introducing my new olive high-waisted, wide-leg flare jeans – they work wonders on any booty!” she said.

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She tried on the wide-leg, flared khaki jeans: “It’s got a raw hem so if you’re short you can just cut it,” she said.

She turned around to give viewers a full booty shot: “I’m impressed with my booty in these,” she said.

“Isn’t that so good? They do have some stretch to them, they’re nice medium weight denim, they’ve got darts on the top to give you more fullness, they’ve got darts on the sides,” she added.

Even the pockets on the jeans were great, she noted, praising the denim’s construction.

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“It’s got a yolk that comes to a really nice point causing you to have that peachy behind,” she said.

She paired the jeans with a cropped jacket to give the denim their moment.

People took to the comments to thank her for sharing: “Thank you for making fashion fun and informative,” said one commenter.

Others were easily influenced after watching her review: “I want them,” said another.

She raved about the denim that gave her a booty boost


She raved about the denim that gave her a booty boostCredit: TikTok/elssime
The influencer danced, celebrating the new pickup


The influencer danced, celebrating the new pickupCredit: TikTok/elssime

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