I’m a 50-year-old baddie – trolls say cover up but I love my Baywatch swimsuit

A 50-YEAR-OLD woman who loves showing off her curves has hit out at trolls for telling her to “cover up”.

Kimberly Ward regularly uses her social media to share updates on her life and describes her channel as a “sort of Variety sh*tshow”. 

A woman has hit out at trolls for telling her to cover up
A woman has hit out at trolls for telling her to cover upCredit: Tiktok – @yourmommadontdance
She revealed her curves in a Baywatch style swimsuit
She revealed her curves in a Baywatch style swimsuitCredit: Tiktok – @yourmommadontdance
People branded her a
People branded her a “baddie”Credit: Tiktok – @yourmommadontdance

Now, the mum has posted a clip of herself with an older woman filter on herself, which gave her wrinkles and fake grey hair

Dressed in a brown and white robe in front of the camera, she wrote: “Them: ‘You’re over 50… cover up!’”

Some people tell her: “Don’t post that!” and say she has “Grandma vibes!”

She then lip synced to DJ Kool’s Clear My Throat as she said: “So look it here, check the flavour of the rhythm I wrote.

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“And while I got a chance here… Let me clear my throat oh”.

The filter was then suddenly dropped from her image as she removed the robe to reveal her long blonde locks and youthful looks. 

Dressed in a Baywatch-style red one piece swimsuit, she smiled for the camera and showed off her curves. 

“Truth hurts,” she wrote in the caption. 

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People were quick to comment on her clip as one person wrote: “dayum, she’s a baddie!” 

A second chimed: “You are a baddie!” to which TikTok user @yourmommadontdance replied: “No… you are!” 

Another said: “Very nice physique there, ignore what others say. Do what you want. You got it.” 

A fourth shared: “Pam Anderson vibes,” followed by a fire emoji.

While a fifth added: “Baywatch bathing suit!!” 

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