I’m an elegance guru…the 4 nail styles that are a huge mistake & scream cheap

IF you’re a nail salon regular, then you’ll know just how difficult it is to choose the style and colour each time – after all, you’re stuck with it for a good few weeks.

But according to an elegance coach, there are certain things you should never request from your nail tech…because they look cheap and ridiculous.

An elegance guru has revealed the nail styles that are a big mistake


An elegance guru has revealed the nail styles that are a big mistakeCredit: level_blue
The elegance whizz urges people to avoid getting overly long nail extensions


The elegance whizz urges people to avoid getting overly long nail extensionsCredit: level_blue

In a clip shared to TikTok, the woman, who is known only as level_blue online, offers a run-through of the “nail mistakes elegant ladies never make.”

She begins by explaining how a chic lady would always steer clear of using clip on nails that you attach with glue.

“If you were 13 and you’re playing around with it fine, but as an adult woman you can’t have this plastic glued on nails,” she says.

“It’s very obviously fake, it tends to pop off very quickly so you have a few missing nails, or you keep adding more glue, making it very thick so it doesn’t sit on your nail bed properly anymore.

“It’s a mess – don’t do it!”

Next, the elegance whizz says sophisticated ladies always avoid wearing “sharp, pointy nails that look like claws.”


She continues: “It’s not attractive and it looks weird.

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“Why do you want to have it on your fingers?”

Moving on, she goes on to slam overly long nail extensions.

“I see it all over TikTok and YouTube,” she explains.

“It’s not practical, not hygienic and it looks ridiculous.”

She advises: “Short to medium length is a lot more elegant and classy…

“Ask any man if they find those long nails attractive and they will all say absolutely not.”

The elegance coach also says that letting your nails grow out if you have extensions or gels and getting it to a point where you can really see where your gel or acrylic ends and the real nail begins is also a big no.

“You have to be better at maintaining your nails and getting it done more often,” she says.

“If you can’t afford to get it done more regularly, then don’t do it at all in the first place.

“Your natural, tidy nails will look much better.”

Finally, she urges people not to overdo it with nail art, rhinestones and other 3D designs.

“Less is more when it comes to nails,” she explains.

“Minimal designs look very chic and elegant, while these elaborate designs cheapen your appearance.”

The post has since gone viral, racking up a staggering 379k views and several comments from social media users.

“Finally, someone said it!” wrote one.

A second penned: “I agree with you 100%”

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A third commented: “Very true!”

And another added: “Some are the stuff of nightmares.”

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