I’m Betting You Didn’t Know These 29 Products Work Just As Well As Their More Expensive Versions

I’ve been using the Cosrx snail mucin essence for years, and it’s honestly a godsend for my dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin. Just like how snail mucin protects snails from damage while traversing over and around gravel and other jagged things, mucin is like a heavenly layer of nourishing protection for skin that’s navigating the effects of weather, pollution, stress, and hormones. I don’t care how weird it might sound — this ingredient is a dang star. 

Promising review: “My skin dries out severely during the winter all the time, and I have to constantly use Vaseline to keep it moisturized (normal cream doesn’t work on me). Imagine my surprise when my SO tried to put snail goo on me, eww!! I resisted for weeks refusing to use this product as she constantly vouched for its abilities. After a month I finally gave in, and boy it is amazing! My hands feel more moisturized than ever for longer and it doesn’t leave a disgusting greasy feel as Vaseline. Take it from a once non-believer, you have to try this. Even if it doesn’t work for you, you paid a fraction of what you would’ve paid for any other name-brand moisturizers.” —Kyoko Ozaki

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