Iman Net Worth 2023: What Is The Model Worth?

Iman, a name synonymous with grace, beauty, and unparalleled success in the fashion industry, has an estimated net worth of a staggering $200 million US dollars as of 2023, according to Celebrity Net Worth. But how did she amass such a fortune, and what makes her one of the most influential figures in fashion and beyond?

Born as Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid in 1955 in Mogadishu, Somalia, Iman’s journey to stardom began in her college days. Renamed Iman by her grandfather, she was discovered by American photographer Peter Beard. This was while studying political science at the University of Nairobi. This chance encounter also led her to the United States. She embarked on a modeling career that would soon see her gracing the covers of the world’s most prestigious magazines.

A Pioneer In Cosmetics

Beyond her modeling career, Iman is celebrated for her groundbreaking contributions to the beauty industry. She recognized the lack of makeup products catering to Women of Color and launched her eponymous cosmetics company in 1994. This venture began with Iman’s self-mixed makeup formulations and has grown into a brand generating approximately $25 million annually.

Diversifying Her Portfolio


In 2007, the Home Shopping Network approached Iman to create her own clothing line. The result was Global Chic, a collection inspired by her modeling career and childhood in Egypt. The line started with embroidered caftans and has since expanded to include affordable accessories. By 2020, it ranked among the network’s top-selling fashion and jewelry brands.

Further, Iman’s talents aren’t limited to the runway or boardroom. She has also showcased her acting prowess in films like The Human Factor and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Additionally, she graced the small screen, hosting shows like Project Runway Canada and The Fashion Show.

Personal Life & Philanthropy


Iman’s personal life has been as eventful as her professional journey. She was married to the legendary musician David Bowie, with whom she has a daughter. Following Bowie’s passing, Iman inherited a significant portion of his estate, further bolstering her net worth. Beyond her personal and professional achievements, Iman is also deeply committed to philanthropy. She has been associated with numerous charitable causes, including CARE, the Children’s Defense Fund, and the Enough Project. Her advocacy against the trade of conflict minerals led her to end her association with diamond conglomerate De Beers Group.

Additionally, for her unparalleled contributions to fashion and society, Iman has received numerous accolades. In 2010, the Council of Fashion Designers of America honored her with a Fashion Icon Lifetime Achievement Award. Her humanitarian efforts were also recognized at New York’s 2019 Golden Heart Awards.


Iman’s net worth of $200 million in 2023 is a testament to her hard work, business acumen, and dedication to her craft. Overall, from the streets of Mogadishu to the global stage, she has proven that one can achieve unparalleled success with talent and determination.

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