Is The Secret To The Perfect Overlined Lip Hidden In The Alphabet?

To overline like an expert makeup artist, the key is all in the letter O. Instead of applying liner completely offset from your entire lip line, you’re only going to overline the centers of your top and bottom lip. This technique is also known as “oval-lining” and creates a style that appears natural.

To oval-line, start by making a small dash with your lip pencil above your cupid’s bow. Next, make the same tick mark under the center of your bottom lip. You want to make the lines just outside of your lip’s border. If you overdraw too wide, it’ll be obvious and almost clown-like. Now, you’ll connect these two points with an oval, leaving you with an O in the center of your lips. Finally, outline the rest of your mouth, staying true to your lip line.

See, the letter O has just become your favorite vowel. With your new defined lip shape, you can finish your makeup with your favorite balms, glosses, and stains. Now your kisser can rival a Bratz doll yet look like you were born with it.

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