It’s Giving Yee-Haw — 25 Cow Print Nail Designs You’re Going to Want to Screenshot

We, as a society, are entering our yee-haw era. So cow nail designs are about to be everywhere.

“With upcoming country albums by Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, and Post Malone, it’s clear that country is having a huge moment,” says celebrity manicurist Fleury Rose. “Cowboy boots are also making an appearance amongst the most fashionable girlies, so naturally, cow print makes sense!”

Luckily, it’s a design that’s super easy to DIY. “Traditional cow print is a white base with black blobs,” says Rose. “You can easily achieve this with a dotting tool dipped in black polish, and then customize the look using different color combos!”

Browse through 25 cow print nail designs below.

Full Cow


Commit to the cow look with a full-on cow manicure. Rose created this look with a true white polish topped with black spots.

Spring at the Farm


This springy design blends cow print with white flowers and touches of pink and yellow. It’s bright and happy.

Funky Mix


Cow print is a fun thing to pop into a mix-and-match manicure. This look pairs the print with flowers, squiggles, and smiley faces.

Rainbow Cow


For a colorful manicure, this look features a different color combo of cow print on each nail.

Brown and White


This manicure features a sheer base with a brown and white cow design on half of each nail. The design is a little different on each nail to keep the look fun.

Mini Cow


Instead of keeping with the traditional big black blobs, this design features a mini cow print design on one nail. It complements a design on other fingers, featuring a white squiggle with black dots.

Rodeo Queen


This bold square-nail look is perfect if you’re heading into you cowgirl era. The design resembles a cowhide with a creamy white base and a brown for the spots.

Accent Cow


Spice up any manicure with a little cow accent nail. This look features a bright red polish accented with a single matte cow print nail.

Moo Hearts


This look dove deep with the cow theme. It features a mix of black and white cow print accented by lilac and a purple cow face on each hand. It also uses negative space as a design element, with hearts in the middle of the cow print.

Vache (That’s French for Cow)


This French tip design features cow print to spice up the design. The tips are super clean and curvy, keeping the look classic even with the print.

Wavy Cow


To accent this fun manicure, I added cow print to one nail. It adds a bit of whimsy to the design, which features hearts, a star, and blobs.

Blueberry Milk


For a cow look that’s less literal, you can change up the colors of the design. This design features navy blobs over a shimmery nude polish.

High-Gloss Brown


This design features a brown cow print on a clear base for a soft yet graphic look. It allows you to get the pattern while still seeing the beauty of the natural nail underneath.

On the Side


Bits of cow print are sprinkled throughout this fun abstract design. One nail per hand features cow print on half of the nail while another nail has a small cow-print circle.

Matte Moo


This black and white design features a mix of cow print nails and solid black polish with a gold line going across one nail per hand. It’s finished off with a matte top coat.

Pop of Cow!


Black, white, pink, and orange are the colors that anchor this design. In addition to the cow print, there are swirls, flowers, stars, and dots for a very pop-y look.

Swirl Accents


This design blends lilac with cow print. It features a mix of all-purple nails, all-cow nails, and nails with purple and cow squiggles.

Mixed Animal Print


This design blends tortoise shell with cow print and a deep green for chic jungle vibes.

Milk Chocolate


This cow-print manicure uses a milk chocolate brown shade to make the design. It yields a softer look than the traditional black-and-white.



To match the black and white of the cow design, this nail features white flowers with black centers.

Cow Print Stripe


In addition to the full cow-print nail, this design features swirls of blue, pink, orange, and yellow, along with a tiny cow stripe. It has a matte top coat.

Matte Rodeo

For a very neutral look, this design features a nude base with matte black cow print on some nails and a glossy finish with jewels and metals on the others.

Clear Cow


This design features cow print on a clear base for a cool and minimal design.

Red + Blue


This design uses a bright red as the base for chalky blue cow print. The contrast between the two colors creates a really interesting look.

Groovy Cow


Cow print, wavy checkers, swirls, and yin-yang symbols make up this groovy mix-and-match nail design. It features a blend of black, white, pink, green, and purple.

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