IVE unveils trio of title tracks Off The Record, Baddie, and Either Way in poster for new EP I’VE MINE

On September 11, Starship Entertainment released the track poster for IVE’s new EP called I’VE MINE. The new EP will have 6 tracks and 3 of those are title tracks- Off The Record, Baddie and Either Way. The others songs are OTT, Holy Moly and Payback. Either Way and Off The Record will pose as pre-release tracks, releasing on September 25 and October 6, respectively. Baddie will be released alongside the album on October 13. 

IVE’s upcoming EP I’VE MINE: 

Seo Ji Eum participated in the writing and composing of Off The Record and Either Way. She has previously created IVE’s hit songs like Eleven, Love Dive and After Like, which are all about self-love, relationships, narcissism in the best way possible. BIG Naughty also helped in the creation of Baddie, which is about being self confident, honing IVE’s image. The song is supposed to change the general audiences view of IVE and the fans are excited to see IVE in a new ‘avatar’! Member Wonyoung also participated in writing lyrics for the b-side track OTT. She has previously written for tracks like Mine and Shine With Me from her previous albums. She showed her versatility and will continue to do so with the new EP. 


They will be making their comeback soon and have already caused excitement amongst fans as they wait in anticipation for the new EP. Since their debut, IVE has been making their name in the K-pop market and on the global stage. With their songs that go beyond topics about love and rather concentrate on inciting confidence in themselves, they started gaining more attention. Coupled with their choreography, addicting tunes and amazing MVs, they have clinched the top spot as rookies to now. Each member also has been busy with individual activities like fashion events, variety shows, music show MCs and more. With their individual personalities coming together, each of their comebacks has gone on and broken their previously made records. Fans are sure that they will be breaking more records and creating even more addicting songs that we can’t help but groove to!

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