Japanese TikToker Goes Viral For Looking Just Like BTS’s V

Hair stylist and makeup artist TikTok user @lipps_hiramika displays her talent through her transformation videos where she gives clients a brand new look. Most recently, her latest makeup video is gaining attention for the model’s similarities to BTS‘s V.

BTS’s V | @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

The “before” part of the video showcases him without makeup — but wait until the end of the transformation to see how much he really looks like V!

First, she fills in his eyebrows to give them a bold and angular appearance.

Next, she adds a warm-toned eyeshadow to base of his eyelid.

She places it underneath the eye, as well.

She further defines the eye by adding a darker eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye…

…and adds a pop of shimmer underneath.

Then, she adds some eyeliner to the outer part of the lash line.

Moving on from eyes, she then lightly contours the nose to give the appearance of a higher nose bridge.

Lastly, she adds a pop of color to the lips, choosing a coral pink.

With that, the makeup look is complete! However, it’s clear that the model already shares many similar features to V, making him look very similar to the idol.

Can you tell the difference?

BTS’s V | @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

Watch the full TikTok below.


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