Jasmine Taylor Turns Cash-Stuffing Journey into Successful Business

In 2021, Jasmine Taylor embarked on a venture documenting her experience with a money management technique called “cash-stuffing.” Cash-stuffing involves dividing cash into physical envelopes. Taylor’s journey gained attention on TikTok, and she used her $1,200 stimulus check to launch Baddies and Budgets. Based in Amarillo, Texas, Taylor invested in a Shopify account, shipping essentials, a Cricut machine, and materials to create personalized cash-stuffing items such as custom envelopes and cash wallets.

By 2022, Baddies and Budgets expanded its offerings to include budgeting accessories and branded apparel. The company generated an impressive revenue of approximately $850,000. Taylor’s financial content on TikTok went viral, and she is projected to earn over $1 million in 2023.

Taylor acknowledged that she had experienced failures with previous business ventures, including a clothing boutique that closed within a year. However, she emphasized that the knowledge gained from those experiences was invaluable. Taylor learned important lessons about selling products, shipping, and website building, which formed the foundation for Baddies and Budgets’ success.

Currently, Baddies and Budgets has three contract employees to manage the growing number of orders. Taylor expects her business to continue its upward trajectory. Reflecting on her entrepreneurial journey, she described it as challenging yet rewarding. Taylor believes that self-starters are better suited for entrepreneurship, as it demands perseverance and determination.

This story showcases the success of Jasmine Taylor and her transformation of a cash-stuffing journey into a thriving business.

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