Kanye West Declares Himself The GOAT In Unique Fashion

Kanye West has been having a successful run as of late. After months of teasing his project Vultures, he finally came out with the album. Overall, the project is a bit of a mixed bag. Not everyone is a fan, however, there are still those out there who dig it quite a bit. After all, Ye is one of the most legendary hip-hop artists ever. Even when he creates some bad will for himself, there will still be people out there to defend him. One would just have to look at the Anthony Fantano situation to see what we mean.

Additionally, Ye is looking to make waves in the fashion world as he renews his efforts with Yeezy. On top of all of this, he is dropping Vultures 2 next month and Vultures 3 will be coming out in April. Needless to say, the Ye stocks are rising, and he wants to take full advantage of this. In fact, Kanye is leaning into his legendary status with a new update to his Tidal profile page. As you can see below, the artist has changed his photo to a GOAT. Of course, he is trying to say that he is the Greatest Of All Time.

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Kanye West Changes Tidal Profile Picture

If you were to ask a lot of contemporary music fans, they would likely have Ye up there in the GOAT conversation. As far as MCs are concerned, he probably doesn’t crack the top 10. However, as an overall artist, he is certainly top 5. Considering his most recent output, there is no denying that the quality has fallen off compared to his early work. That said, his fanbase is so big that no matter what he drops, there will be people out there who love it. This is a phenomenon that is very unlikely to change.

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