Keke Palmer Wore Two Completely Different Manicures at the Same Time

More often than not, Keke Palmer‘s nails aren’t just done — they’re capital-D, italicized Done. Her manicure was a standout moment when she announced her pregnancy last year, and motherhood hasn’t changed her affinity for nail art one bit. But as anyone who loves an elaborate nail look knows, sometimes it’s hard to settle on just one design — which may explain the actor’s latest motley mani.

Palmer spent Wednesday afternoon at Guaranteed Rate Field for the Chicago White Sox versus Chicago Cubs baseball game, for which she had the honor of throwing out the first pitch. Was it a perfect strike? No, but it’s hard to throw a baseball when you’re wearing a super-long, squared-off set. And if you missed the nails as they whizzed by, luckily, Palmer posted a few photos that reveal one hand of the manicure is basically a tiny abstract art gallery.

Getty Images

Her pinky nail is, appropriately, pink with purple and light blue shapes and metallic accents; her ring finger is orange with a raised silver squiggle down the length of the entire nail; her middle finger has a golden-green chrome base with a magenta aura in the middle and a dark blue star; her pointer finger is clear with blue, wavy ripples; her thumb is a little harder to see, but it appears it may have a light green border with raised, pale-pink accents.

As for her other hand, a post by Palmer’s nails artist, Bria, reveals that it looks like it’s from an entirely different manicure. All five fingers are the same: a French manicure with orange tips — pulling in the orange shade from her other ring finger — and white stars. 

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