Kelis is in the 2023 Uber One “Milkshake” commercial

There are commercials able to convince everyone at their first shot, just with the simplest idea. The commercial released by Uber in 2023 definitely falls in this category: to promote their Uber One subscription, the popular ride and delivery service involved the American singer Kelis, dealing with a milkshake that represents a symbol of her musical career. Let’s discover everything.

You can watch Shakes, the 2023 Uber One commercial with Kelis, at the end of this article.

Kelis is in the 2023 Uber One “Milkshake” commercial

The protagonist of the 2023 Uber One “Milkshake” commercial is the American R&B singer Kelis. Kelis became one of the biggest names in female hip-hop and R&B in the early 2000s, especially with a song that many fans still remember today: Milkshake, released in 2003 as the leading single of her album Tasty. You can listen to it here on Youtube.

The idea behind the 2023 Uber One commercial is shooting Kelis while she’s asked to repeat the promotional line over one product after the other. And the line you hear mocks the famous lyrics of her song Milkshake: more specifically, the following two lines:

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they’re like, it’s better than yours

In the Uber One commercial, Kelis interprets a testimonial who’s not perfectly comfortable with what they ask her. The promotional lines are pretty cheesy, and the way the commercial is shot is hectic. They give her a new product every 5 seconds, asking her to repeat the same line repeatedly. Like a machine with no creativity.

When she holds the shake at the beginning of the Uber commercial, she says:

Your milkshake cost way less than before
Join Uber One and save way more

Although she’s not singing, the rhythm of her line is apparent and directly recalls her single Milkshake. Indeed, the producer behind the camera, Sean Diddy Combs, is satisfied, and she smiles, proud of her job. But it’s not over. One second later, she has to repeat the same line with the cereals. And again:

Your cornflakes cost way less than before
This membership is better than yours

After the director requests the same line over a wagyu steak, Kelis understands: there are dozens of products she will have to promote that day in the Uber One commercial, always with her “Milkshake” line. And the enthusiasm in her voice is irremediably lost.

It’s a simple idea, made perfect by Kelis’ acting skills and the presence of a famous R&B hit hidden between the lines. Most of us recognized it immediately, but if you didn’t, well, now you know what you missed!

UBER ONE – Shakes

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