Khloe Kardashian Bares Bombshell Booty in Sheer White Dress, Shows Her Actual Face!

Some of Kim Kardashian’s recent pics have raised questions about how different she looks — and why.

Normally, that’s more Khloe’s scene. For years, she has edited her body and especially her face for pics.

But one of her most recent new uploads is making fans’ hearts sing with joy. And their eyes spin with thirst.

Because Khloe’s thirst traps appear to be showing off her incredible, authentic body. And booty. All in a sheer dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Khloe Kardashian was serving up sheer curves as she flaunted her gorgeous silhouette on Instagram in August of 2023. (Instagram)

The pics

“I’ll never get tired of watching the sunset,” Khloe Kardashian captioned her recent Instagram photoset.

That caption is the only way that most people noticed anything about the background.

She wore a white, off-the-shoulder body-con dress in the Tuesday, August 22 post. And every detail is an eye-popping delight.

Blonde bombshell Khloe Kardashian flaunts one flirty shoulder in this white outfit in August of 2023. (Instagram)

Some photos showed Khloe seated on a stone wall — throwbacks to her family’s time in Italy.

Others showcased her gorgeous silhouette in front of a large window.

Khloe has a unique and spectacular profile, and she is a sight to behold from any direction.

It is a little hard to maintain composure when one gazes upon Khloe Kardashian’s absolutely jaw-dropping booty. Especially when her clothing is more of a suggestion than actual covering. (Instagram)

The bombshell booty

That said, we can all acknowledge that some angles of Khloe’s body are more earth-shattering than others.

Especially in this outfit.

Still wearing this sheer ensemble, Khloe showed off her glorious booty. Tremble and despair (and thirst), mortals!

Khloe Kardashian’s booty is a transcendent display, as this August 2023 Instagram post in a sheer ensemble makes crystal clear. (Instagram)

The reviews are in!

Naturally, her family chimed in as some of her loudest and most enthusiastic supporters.

Kim, Kylie, and Kris all sang her praises in the comments.

Other reality TV personalities, like RHOC star Emily Simpson, fired off compliments and puns.

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Kylie Jenner showered Khloe Kardashian with praise and love after her August 2023 thirst traps. Nice! (Instagram)

“Butt” wait, there’s more!

But what truly makes this remarkable, for many fans, isn’t Khloe’s outrageous good looks or their awe and admiration for her booty.

Well, that only those things.

Instead, a lot of people are really excited to see Khloe’s actual human face, with none of the obvious editing that they’ve seen crop up again and again over the years.

The gulf between Khloe Kardashian’s actual face and the sorts of photos that she chooses to share on social media has not escaped fans or critics. This is just one example, from September of 2020. (Twitter)

There were times when Khloe was making herself look like a straight-up alien. Other times, she just looked like a different person.

It is a refreshing relief to see her face. We know what she looks like. And she’s beautiful!

Fans hope that Khloe knows that, too. She doesn’t need any filter to mar her appearance.

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