Kodak Black Stuns Female Fans With Fresh New Appearance

Kodak Black‘s bold new look has caught attention, especially from female fans who are loving the change.

In a TikTok video circulating on social media, the rapper, known for his rough around the edges image, appeared cheerful and clean cut while seated court side at a Phoenix Suns game.


A Twitter user re-posted the video, and captioned the clip, “Hear me out.”

“He been looking good,” responded one user. “Fine is a stretch, but he looks BETTER and healthy. Love that for him!” another user said over on Instagram.


“Being drug free looks VERY GOOD on him….” another comment reads. “Sobriety will have you transform internally and externally on another level. Good for him.”

Some people over on X/Twitter, despite Kodak’s new appearance, raised concerns about his 2016 legal woes, where he was accused of raping a teenage girl in a Florence Comfort Inn & Suites hotel room following his performance at the Treasure City Nightclub. Five years later, he plead guilty to first-degree assault and battery in exchange for 18 months of probation after being slapped with a 10 year sentence.

“He don’t like brown skin women & he’s a predator I’m not hearing nun,” the comment reads. “That money will always have em hearing some shit out,” another wrote. “He’s literally a rapist?” alleged another user.


Earlier this week, the Florida rapper shared how his life has been on the up-and-up since he’s gotten a handle on his prescription pill usage.

Taking to his Instagram, Kodak said, “I remember a point in my life when I was chewing a lot of Percs. Bro, I’m proud of myself. I’ve never been this happy in my life, bro. I don’t know where this came from, what the fuck going on. I ain’t even going to say I’m anti-Perc. Like, I never took a Perc since I been home. But bro, my dosage so low that I can’t believe it myself.”

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He continued: “Before I just went to jail, I was taking… I can talk about this because it’s my testimony. Bro, I’m hollering at y’all, ain’t no shame in my shit. I was taking, bro, at least 100 Percs. My average was 40 Percocets. I’m telling y’all this man. I ain’t know, to the point where I look at this shit and be like, what the fuck was wrong with me, bruh? I listen to my music and be like, bro, what the fuck, fam?”

In another live stream, Kodak Black blasted the comparisons between himself and Diddy, by insinuating that only one of them is guilty of sexual assault.


“Kodak look like Florida Diddy,” he said, reading out one of the comments while visibly inebriated. “No Diddy — take that, take it. I’ll smack me an elderly bitch, I even might kill me a kid, but I ain’t raping. I mean [mumbling] kill him as a baby, but I ain’t raping.”

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