Kylie Jenner Bratz Collab Roasted By Fans

Bratz was launched in 2001 by MGA Entertainment. The doll line was created by a former Mattel employee and sold to MGA after Mattel passed on his pitch. Bratz was also seen as being “more real” than Barbie, a down to Earth alternative to the idealistic Barbie brand. However, the brand has often been steeped in controversy, especially when it came to legal similarities to the Barbie brand itself. However, in a major move, Bratz recently announced their first-ever celebrity collaboration. Kylie Jenner would serve as the inspiration for six dolls sold in a limited-series run. These dolls feature various iconic outfits worn by Jenner, including her dresses from the 2019 and 2021 Met Galas.

“She’s here, Bratz Pack! 💕 We’ve joined forces with icon @kyliejenner for a super stylin’ collab, starting with our Mini Bratz x @kyliejenner collectibles that have officially landed online and in stores at Walmart, Target, and Amazon! Collect all of Kylie’s BRATZIFIED looks and accessories in special Kylie branded mini trapezoid capsules!💋 Each capsule comes with 2 figures— 1 bratzified mini Kylie figure and 1 mini accessory. There are 14 different collectibles to unbox! 🎁 Click the link in our bio now to shop these teeny tiny super stylin’ minis! And stay tuned to see what’s next in the Bratz x Kylie collab! 👀👄 #bratz,” the official Bratz account wrote on Instagram.

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Fans Clown On Kylie Jenner Bratz

However, fans were less than impressed with the announcement. “So Kylie def gives bratz energy but something ain’t right here at all lol,” one critic wrote on X. “The fact that the Kylie Bratz dolls are brown are weird asf. That girl is white asf.” added another. The dolls’ skin color was a particular source of contention. The Kardashians, like many white celebrities, have long been accused of stealing from and appropriating Black culture to make themselves more marketable. “Giving Kylie (a white woman who modeled her face/body around Black women) her own Bratz doll (which is an arguably more Urban/Black presenting doll) before an ACTUAL Black woman is… weird,” one X user summarized.

Elsewhere, people simply felt that the dolls were just…not right. “I feel like they did a kardashian because they’re who u think of on ‘Instagram Face’ which is similar to the Bratz makeup but still don’t seem right 🥴,” another X user noted. “Kylie Jenner is a sicko lmaooo sis literally skimmed off the top of the entire Black girl aesthetic and is getting a BRATZ collection that’s not even based off her natural features,” argued another. Safe to say that it is far from the reaction that the dolls’ creator was likely hoping for. The Bratz x Kylie Jenner collection is reportedly retailing for $9.99 per capsule.


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