Lady Gaga Flaunts A Cheeky Peek Of Her Toned Booty In New Burlesque Photos

  • Lady Gaga showed up on stage wearing a burlesque outfit that showed off her super-toned legs and a peek of sculpted butt.
  • For workouts, the singer loves doing yoga, and has been practicing for almost two decades.
  • Lady Gaga also has a personal chef who makes sure her meals are delicious and nutrient-rich.

Lady Gaga‘s “JAZZ & PIANO” Las Vegas residency is in full swing, and her stage looks have been hotter than ever. The “Alejandro” singer, 37, hit her latest show in a number of vintage-inspired looks, including a bright red see-through fringed beaded gown with a high-slit that highlighted her super strong legs and toned booty.

Gaga shared some snaps from the evening on her Instagram, captioning the photos, “🎺🎼✨.” Her fans were all over it, commenting, “ALL THAT JAZZ!!! ✨✨🤩❤️,” and “Gorgeous.” The post also got lots of love from Gaga’s famous friends, too. Actress Bella Thorne commented, “Jesus ur amazing,” while Adam Lambert wrote, “Gorgeous,” and Amanda Lepore added, “❤️🔥❤️.”

Curious to know what Gaga has been up to in the fitness department? Well, when she’s not giving her all (physically) on stage, she keeps her body moving with a whole lot of yoga. Gaga has been doing it since she was a student at New York University back in 2004, according to the New York Times. She’s clearly no beginner, as she frequently shows on her Instagram account, and she loves doing all kinds of yoga.

Gaga shared a pic of herself on Instagram back in January holding an impressive headstand. That takes some serious core strength!

And she also loves ~hot~ yoga.

She even got in a session on a standing paddle board to really show off her balance.

When she’s not in downward dog, Gaga will do some gyrotonics, to help with her flexibility. Her instructor, Lisa Marie Goodwin, a certified Pilates teacher, helped Gaga keep her body healthy during her massive Enigma tour.

On the cardio front, Gaga mixes things up by getting some laps in at the pool, rock climbing, and riding horses.

When it comes to staying fueled for her super busy work days, Gaga makes sure her diet is centered around healthy ingredients, which her personal chef Bo O’Connor, whips up into delicious meals. O’Connor told the The New Potato that Gaga is a big fan of what she likes to call “half-cheat meals,” which basically means dishes like gluten-free pastas and dishes with lots of vegetables and quinoa.

“She usually puts on an intense show, so she can’t be eating Doritos, clearly,” O’Connor told The Feast. Still, O’Connor focused on making all of Gaga’s meals healthy. “If [Gaga] was in the mood for French toast or something sweeter, we would make a healthier version of that for her,” she added.

When she’s indulging, this star clearly loves to treat herself with a cocktail, especially if it involves whiskey.

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Cheers to that, Gaga!

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