Latte Nails Are Back In 2024, But With A Textured Twist

If you like to keep up with the latest trends, you probably already know that latte nails were all over the place in 2023. Building on a mix of shades like cream, medium brown, and caramel, the trend was all about making your nails look like you’d dipped them into a delicious, milky coffee. And because it was essentially all neutrals it went with literally everything. So, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be happy to know the trend is officially back. But this time, with a fun twist.

For 2024, we’re seeing people give their latte nails a bit of texture. That could mean anything from adding raised nail art, like ridges to actual three-dimensional accessories. Though that may sound a little daunting and dramatic, we promise they’re easier to pull off than you might think. Whether you prefer to keep your nails more understated go all-out with your manicure, there’s a textured latte look out there for your style. 

Add texture to the tips only

Adding a few oval-shaped ridges to your brown and cream tips is a great way to elevate a French manicure without going overboard. The simple shapes are a relatively easy design to draw, making them somewhat safe to attempt if you’re a newbie to the textured trend.

Try it yourself with a super-fine tip brush (usually sold separately from polish) and a touch of acrylic powder.

Show off your swirls

If you’re ready to take things a step further, a raised swirl is the way-to-go. Over smooth, square-tipped edges, a few raised swirls can make the neutral colors really pop. We love how it looks a bit like the latte art your local barista might make.

This method isn’t the easiest though, so we’d recommend letting your nail tech have a go over before trying at home (unless you’ve got the skills, of course!).

Go for glossy texture latte nails

Though many textured looks can be matte, they certainly don’t have to be! For a super fun and shiny twist on the trend, use a builder gel to create soft ridges along the nail. The final, glossy effect is a great way to add some drama to a basic nude. You could even start your latte shade further down the nail to create a gradient effect, leading to the dark brown coffee shade at the tip of your nails.

Make glitter your texture

We can’t lie, we sure do love a glitter manicure. Along with being pretty and eye-catching, it’s an easy way to upgrade a basic manicure without having to go through the steps of using builder gel or polishes. A loose glitter, rather than glitter polish, is best for creating that elevated effect, as it can be applied in layers to create different grooves on the nail. Alternate your glitter nails with solid brown shades to make the sparkles stand out.

Delicate nail art can also have its place in latte nails

Not all textured nails have to feature more random lines or swirls. If you’ve got a steady hand and a super fine tip brush, let your brown nails be the canvas for matte texture art like flower or leaves. The best part? With a floral design over the top of your latte shade, you’re technically getting two looks in one. Latte and florals in one stunning manicure? Count us in!

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