‘Latte nails’ are the autumn mani trend you need to know

First came latte makeup which exploded on TikTok and has raked in over 220 million views in the past few weeks. Now? ‘Latte nails’ has followed up to ensure our mani gets a look in and we’re crushing on the trend hard.

To recap: latte makeup saw warm brown tones like caramel, tan, cocoa, buff and amber applied across eyes, cheeks and lips for a delicious cohesive, tonal makeup look that looks just as dreamy in sunkissed summer weather as it does in a cosy autumn climate. It’s the ultimate neutral transitional aesthetic. And, like its makeup counterpart, the jist remains the same when it comes to our nails.

And after a summer full of milky manis, we’re some soft adding coffee tones into the mix. “Autumn is the time of year where darker nail shades have their time to shine,” confirms luxury nail artist and educator, Jess White. “I think this autumn we will see a lot of rich brown shades,” she continues. “I can see lots of caramel, toffee, chocolate and cream shades trending. Basically, coffee vibes,” Jess explains.

And, it’s not just a look, it’s a mood. “As the weather cools down, we can expect to see a surge in the popularity for rich brown hues,” says Jess. The “warm and inviting” latte tones “exude a sense of cosiness and sophistication,” she says.

And, as the weather gets cooler, we’ll see the trend slide down the latte scale toward other warm drinks like hot chocolate, cappuccino and mocha nails, which gives extra longevity and versatility to the latte nails trend.

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As per, Hailey Bieber was early to sign off the viral nail trend. She debuted a set of chocolate glazed donut nails heading into autumn last year, and she was quick to jump on the latte makeup trend when it took off last month. But we’re expecting to see a few variations, from glazed and glossy to matte and moody.

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