Latto Defends Sexual Lyrics and Risqué Clothes in Hip-Hop: ‘That to Me is the Entertainment of Female Rap’

Latto is being honest about her experiences as a woman in hip-hop.

In a new interview with XXL, the 777 artist touched on what it means to be a “female rapper entertainer,” explaining that it “might consist of sexual lyrics, risqué clothes and whatever”—and she’s okay with that.

She continued, “That, to me, is the entertainment of female rap. And I think sometimes people—my peers, our peers in the industry, our male peers—take that as an invitation. Like, ‘Oh, yeah, she like that. I’m open to talking to you outside of music or like, whatever.’ I think they don’t really know how to keep it business.”

She admitted that being a woman in a male-dominated industry isn’t easy. She also specifically referenced an issue she faced last year, when she had difficulty clearing a verse on 777.

“I think we be under this microscope,” she said. “We’re heavily analyzed by blogs, fans, and commentators. We gotta go 10 times as hard as men do for just equal recognition. For instance, everybody know about my situation [of me] trying to clear the verse on my album. We just go through a lot more on the back end that people don’t know about.”

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