“Letters To The Streets”


YC X Flaco Youngin

“Letters Of The Truth” Edition 

 YC and Flaco are both artists from Sanford, Florida. Whose music has a melodic sound that calls for the attention of music fans. YC and Flaco both show off their rapping skills in their latest project titled “Letters Of The Truth,” which is their second project together. YC and Flaco give us some street anthems in songs like “Change,” “Letters,” and  “Fetti.” Flaco used different creative processes for the hooks on the songs “Nameless,” “Fetti,” “ Your Love,” and “Watch my back.” YC and Flaco both also tap into their feelings and giving us some songs for the ladies. Songs like “Your Love,” “Hold it down,” and “Out of Love.” I love how the project has the listener on an emotional roller coaster, bouncing you from the mood of survival to heartbreak. YC’s and Flaco’s music style reminds me of a mix of Lil Durk and J.I the prince of NY. YC and Flaco project is a mix of real-life sacrifices and love. Flaco and YC talk about anything they’ve been through, seen, and experienced in their lives on the project. YC and Flaco met each other in the 7th grade, and ever since then, the two have been musical geniuses together. YC and Flaco’s first project together is titled “Perfect Timing.” YC is also a very family-oriented person and says his family is what inspired him to make music.YC became interested in rapping at the age of 12. In 2016 YC dropped his very first song. YC and Flaco are super talented artists, and their project “Letters Of The Truth” is a solid 10/10 and definitely worth the stream. “Letters Of The Truth” is out now on all platforms.


YC Instagram is @official_yac

Flaco Youngin Instagram is @_flacoyoungin_

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