Lily Allen’s latest manicure is traffic stopping, and going to trend hard this autumn

In the ever-evolving world of manicures and nail art, celebrities often set the trends. While Hailey Bieber has emerged as a likely contender for the world’s most powerful mani-influencer,  Lily Allen has also proved her prowess as a nail trendsetter. 

The singer embraced the coolest nail art of the season – surrealistic abstract airbrush frames.  Clearly inspired by the recent Frieze Art Fair, she elevated her nail game with the nail designs that are nothing short of mini masterpieces. 

The intricate designs, featuring vibrant colours, geometric shapes, and surreal elements, adding a touch of artistic flair to her overall look. The abstract frames on Lily’s nails capture the essence of autumn, incorporating hues reminiscent of a modern painter’s canvas. 

Lily Allen showed off the photos of her manicure on Instagram© Instagram
Lily Allen showed off the photos of her manicure on Instagram

This avant-garde nail design, which first appeared on the feed of Canada’s renowned licensed airbrush specialist, Really Hot Nails, is set to take the autumn beauty scene by storm. Really Hot Nails’ expertise in airbrush artistry transforms nails into miniature canvases, showcasing the fusion of creativity and skill. The style has already inspired a host of lookalikes on Instagram.

Known for her bold choices and fearless style, Lily Allen has long been at the forefront of manicure trends. Back in 2014 Lily collaborated with Elegant Touch on a collection of nail art and often shares photos of her quirky manicures on her Instagram. 

“This girl Naomi, who does my nails, did some amazing ones where she actually cut up parts of one dollar bills, took the pyramid with the all-seeing eye at the top, and set them into the nail with some bling, before writing ‘Sam’ in letters,” she told Hello! Fashion at the time. 

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She also revealed that her biggest beauty indulgence is makeup, “I love the Selfridges make-up hall. Sometimes I just go there and spend loads of money on new stuff.” 

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