Lima’s ‘Baddies in Business’ Event: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs…

The morning sun casts a golden hue over the Veterans Memorial Civic Center, heralding a day unlike any other in Lima, Ohio. Today, the hallways will buzz with the energy of ambition, the air charged with the spirit of enterprise. ‘Baddies in Business’, an event meticulously curated by Meagan Horton, aims to shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked segment of the entrepreneurial world: women-led, small, home-based businesses.


A Meeting of Minds and Missions

At the heart of this gathering is a simple, yet profound objective: to empower. Horton, the visionary behind the ‘Mega Pop-Up Shop’, alongside panelists including the esteemed Robin Dukes, has laid the groundwork for a day of connection, learning, and growth. The event is more than just a networking opportunity; it is a beacon of support and resources for women who strive to carve their niches in the business landscape. Attendees are encouraged to don pink attire, a symbolic nod to the unity and solidarity amongst businesswomen. The foundation of the event rests on inclusivity, aiming to bridge gaps and foster a community that thrives on mutual support.

Empowerment Through Tangible Resources


Understanding the hurdles faced by small enterprises, particularly those helmed by women, Horton’s initiative meticulously integrates practical aids into the day’s agenda. From free headshots to enhance professional profiles to raffles and a complimentary lunch, the event is structured to add tangible value to the attendees’ business endeavors. Moreover, the call to bring business cards and donations for Samaritan House and Guiding Light underscores a culture of giving back, reinforcing the ethos of community upliftment.

A Ripple Effect of Change

The ‘Baddies in Business’ event is poised to be more than just a day-long affair. It embodies the potential for a lasting impact on Lima’s local economy and the broader societal fabric. By spotlighting women entrepreneurs, particularly those from small, home-based backgrounds, Horton’s mission transcends the event itself. It lays the foundation for a more inclusive, supportive business ecosystem that not only acknowledges but celebrates diversity and innovation across all sectors. The initiative reflects a larger, more profound movement towards breaking barriers and fostering an environment where women’s business ventures are not just viable but thrive.

As the sun sets on the Veterans Memorial Civic Center, the echoes of the day’s laughter, conversations, and connections linger. ‘Baddies in Business’ may have been a single day on the calendar, but its impact, the seeds of change it has sown, promise to germinate into a future where women in business are no longer the exception but the norm. In Lima, Ohio, the future of women’s entrepreneurship looks brighter than ever, thanks to visionaries like Meagan Horton and the community that stands with her.

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