Loving almond nails? Here are 30+ ideas to show your nail tech

almond nails

We are in the golden age of nail art. There’s minimal designs, naked manicures and restrained flecks of colour for those who keep their fingertips neat and tidy. There’s layered gels, 3D art, chrome powder and hardware for the people who know that the sky’s the limit, and reach for it anyway. And in recent years, we’ve witnessed the rise of nail trends that toe that middle ground; from glazed donut nails to velvet nails. But before you get to the creative part, you must first decide on a base. Are you a stalwart for almond nails? Or do you request yours long and square? Some will oscillate between stiletto and oval and everything in between.

If you sit in the first camp and find yourself gravitating towards an almond shape, we’ve curated this list of inspiration to take to your next nail appointment. All of these can be achieved with the specific real estate an almond-shaped nail offers, with consideration for those of us who keep them filed on the shorter side.

Below, you’ll find nail art that calls for a steady hand and elegant paintwork. Others ask that your nail tech is stocked with an assortment of moldable gels. Then there are designs that don’t require much work at all – a godsend for those of us who cannot stand long periods sitting in the chair. Take this selection of designs suited to almond nails, courtesy of the RUSSH team.

After more nail inspiration? Here’s a host of ideas if you’re in the mood to spice up the classic French Tip manicure. Or if its new nail colours to collect, these winter hues have us hooked during the cold months. Perfecting your manicure at home? Here’s a helpful guide to the best nail art brands. Finally, take this list of the best and most-trusted nail salons in Sydney.

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