Make It Real Launches No-Mess Glitter Nail Studio

Make It Real’s latest nail art set keeps tweens from making a giant glitter mess. 

The set has enough supplies to make more than 500 nails and includes five colors of eco-friendly glitter, sparkle primer, a bottle of clear nail polish, a brush, and nail stickers. To decorate their nails, kids attach one of the five pots of glitter to the Sparkle Spinner, put on some primer, stick their fingers in the pot, and let the glitter vortex coat the nail in sparkles.

Source: Make It Real

“There is something truly mesmerizing about glitter but many parents steer clear of buying it because of the mess associated with it,” says Gena Lavallee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Make It Real. “With Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio, we eliminate the mess and stress and provide an easy and intuitive solution to creating festive, fun, and sparkly nails that celebrate the pure joy and beauty benefits of glitter.”

The Party Nails: Glitter Nail Studio will be available at mass market and specialty retailers for $24.99.

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