Man Of Steel Writer Thinks ‘It Was Crazy’ For DC To Replicate The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Goyer recalled that at one point, someone in a leadership position at Warner Bros. was pitching the next 20 films to come out over the next 10 years, effectively developing “phases” for DC the way that Marvel plans out their universe. There was just one problem … as Goyer said, “None of them had been written yet!” Henry Cavill deserved better as Superman, and it’s a true shame that it looks as if misguided planning was the true culprit of his less-than-ideal treatment as a character. Now, this isn’t to say that Marvel has their scripts locked and loaded before making huge phase announcements at San Diego Comic-Con, but they certainly aren’t making those plans without figuring out how the films and TV series will fit within the universe. You don’t announce “The Marvels” without knowing “Ms. Marvel” is coming to Disney+.

From what it sounds like, DC was putting the cart way, way before the horse. “It was crazy how much architecture was being built on air,” he said, “This is not how you build a house.” Goyer’s right. DC was foolish to try and replicate the MCU, and it’s been proven time and time again. Standalone flicks like “Joker,” “The Batman,” and even “Aquaman” — who despite being included in “Justice League” is sort of doing his own thing — have been financially successful and critically acclaimed. The Snyderverse may have its belligerently vocal fanbase, but the DCEU never quite hit the way the MCU did. And it sounds like it’s due to the fact DC was focusing on expansion, rather than building a solid foundation. Fortunately, with James Gunn and Peter Safran now at the helm with a new plan of attack for DC Studios, there’s at least some optimism to be found.

If only the folks in power had been able to see this a decade ago.

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