Meet Morgan Riddle: how this Bright Young Thing became ‘The Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis’

‘None of my family knows anything about tennis,’ Riddle admits, with a wry smile. ‘We’re really a hockey family. I think my dad still has no idea what’s going on.’ The Riddles are certainly a rigorous support network. ‘I came from a very humble, middle-class background and they believe in me so much. They’re like “anything is possible” but I don’t think they were expecting me to be, like… on the cover of The New York Times.’

Riddle and Fritz met three years ago on Raya, the elite dating app and honeypot for single celebrities and sports personalities. ‘Taylor was the second person I met,’ she says but she’s still got a lot of friends on the app. Fritz, from California, grew up fast: by 21, he had already been married, divorced and had a son with Raquel Pedraza, a former tennis-pro.

Morgan Riddle brings the glamour time and time again

Karwai Tang

Will Fritz and Riddle tie the knot? ‘That’s the plan at some point,’ she says, ‘but I’m in no rush. We’re both really focused on our careers and I don’t even know when we’d have time to get married,’ she admits, seriously. In a video she’s joked about having ‘little WTA babies’ which I ask her about: ‘Yes, we do want to have girls and have them be tennis players,’ she beams. For now, ‘they’re very much a team’.

Morgan might be the Queen Bee but she’s a fan of the WAG community. ‘There’s a bunch of American girlfriends which is fun,’ she says. Like Sebastian Korda’s girlfriend Ivana Neveded and Frances Tiafoe’s partner Ayan Broomfield. ‘When I first started dating Taylor, there weren’t really any girlfriends my age who were on the tour so it’s been nice to kind of have this new community,’ she grins.

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