Method Man opens up about battling depression and anxiety during height of career

He continued, “I just wasn’t a happy person. It reached a point where misery was loving company, and the people around me were just as miserable. So, it kind of fits. Then I got tired of it and did not want to be around miserable people anymore. I just wanted to see light. I wanted everything light. Forget the darkness. What can I create for myself? It had nothing to do with finances. It had nothing to do with other people. It was just me. What can I control? That’s what I did; I took control after that. I stopped valuing other people’s opinions, and instead of being my biggest critic, I became my biggest fan.”

Elsewhere during the conversation, the Long Island native was asked about the process of being kinder to himself. “Self-love,” he responded. “It’s simple as that. Looking yourself in the mirror and honestly saying that you love yourself. But it’s one thing to say and then another to go and do it. Show that you love yourself. That’s all I’ve been doing. What people see now is just happiness.”

For this interview, Method Man graced the health magazine’s special edition cover alongside Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Ludacris, Common, and Wiz Khalifa in honor of hip hop’s 50th anniversary.

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