Montclair Gets New Thrift Experience with 2nd Street

2nd Street is located at 10 South Park Street. (AVA AGOSTINELLI)

There’s a bustling new thrift shop on South Park Street in Montclair. 2nd Street Thrift opened late spring and has been popular ever since. Always on the lookout for new clothes and a good deal, we decided to check it out. 

The Montclair location is open daily from 11am-8pm in the former South Moon Under clothing store. 

Walking into 2nd Street, we found the store to be densely packed yet well organized. 2nd Street runs off a traditional Japanese standard of “Omotenashi”, which values welcoming guests and having a clean and organized store. The Montclair store staff was ready to assist with styling advice and consignments. Thoughtfully organized by brand, ranging from luxury, vintage and fast fashion, 2nd Street streamlined aesthetic sets it apart from traditional thrift stores. 

On a recent visit, we found this Japanese Porter tote bag – the perfect size as a carry on for an upcoming trip. 

The perfect travel Porter bag at 2nd Street (AVA AGOSTINELLI)

We quickly noticed the store’s wide selection of Porter, as well as other high end Japanese brands. 2nd Street has a large men’s section (that also appeals to women!). Popular brands that caught our eye included Commes De Garcons, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry. Their used shoe and bag collection was vast and of an extremely clean standard. Equipped with dressing rooms and helpful sales associates, 2nd Street makes it easy to try before you buy.  

Fashions at 2nd Street. (AVA AGOSTINELLI)

A customer, found browsing the extensive men’s section, shared her experience selling her own clothes to 2nd Street.

I wear a lot of men’s clothing to lounge in. I actually got more money for the men’s clothing than the women’s clothing.” said Steel Galdieri-Simonelli, a resident of Montclair.

2nd Street offers an array of trendy brands in each section appealing to all gender identities, including athleisure giants such as Stussy, Adidas, and Nike.

“I sold a North Face and Supreme backpack, and they gave me $120 for it – they said they would sell it for $200. So I made about 10% commission and then a hundred dollars on top of that,” Galdieri-Simonelli said.

Shopping 2nd Street’s well organized racks is a pleasure. (AVA AGOSTINELLLI)

2nd Street accepted all of Galdieri-Simonelli’s items – but she said she was careful with what she brought to them.

“They accepted everything, but I think it was because everything I brought over was selected and curated from my closet, kind of like name brands and stuff  I knew they probably wouldn’t be disappointed,” Simonelli added. 

Customers can bring in their clothes directly to the store, as well as bags, watches, shoes, accessories, and more. With a valid government ID, you can receive cash on the spot for accepted items. 

In line with the “Omotenashi” standard, 2nd Street’s Hand2Hand Project donates any unsold items to a partner company that recycles the clothing. That clothing is then used to clean up oil spills in factories, as well providing clothing to those in need. 

2nd Street is part of a larger chain that began in 1996 in Japan. CEO Masahiro Kikuchi expanded the successful flagship store and now has over 700 locations worldwide. The first US store opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and its popularity promptly sparked the opening of more locations throughout the country.

The Montclair store employees were enthusiastic about a successful grand opening.

“When we first opened, the line to check out went all the way around the store,” said store associate Justin Bernal.

“Customers were saying that Montclair needed a store like this. We carry brands that you wouldn’t normally see in stores around town.” Bernal said.

If you are looking for sustainable shopping, affordable prices and unique pieces, check out 2nd Street.

2nd Street, 10 South Park Street, Montclair.

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