MultiVersus’ Launch Trailer Brings Forth Chaos And Adds A Few More Baddies

WB Games and Player First Games have shifted their marketing into a higher gear, with the impending full release of their madcap platform fighter MultiVersus coming on May 28.

To help set the mood, a delightfully devilish launch trailer gives us a character-filled look at what happens when these worlds collide – before concluding with the reveal of two exceptional cinema villains to help round out the more goodguy-adjacent part of the roster:

Jason Voorhees? Agent Smith, from The Matrix? Look, I was one of the people that was confused by the oddity of having characters like LeBron James and Arya Stark in a cartoon brawler – but this is the kind of nonsense that I can entirely get behind. The kid gloves are sufficiently off if I can play as my Big Man, the Mighty Slayer of Crystal Lake.

It also means that the games’ roster now reads like a total fever dream, just take a look at this craziness:

Having The Joker get revealed just a short while ago made perfect sense given the strong DC character presence, but the swerve of seeing a cinema serial killer and a sci-fi super baddie is nuts. I genuinely can’t even speculate who could come next – the door feels like it has been blown wide open.

For people eager to get in on the action, MultiVersus returns May 28 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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Are you on deck to wield Jason’s signature machete? What about seeing what Agent Smith is packing? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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