Nail artists share 6 nail trends that are in and 6 that are out this fall

Variations on chrome nails are continuing to trend for fall.

Chrome is expected to trend in a more elevated way this fall.

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Chrome nails peaked last year when Hailey Bieber sported her glazed-donut manicure, and the trend’s popularity hasn’t stopped.  

This fall though, consider trying chrome nails with a twist, according to Hayley Dang, nail artist at Bellacures

“It now comes in various different colorways and can be applied in a way that enhances nail art as opposed to a simple ‘all over’ chrome application,” she told Insider.

French manicures are still going strong.

There are many ways to elevate a French manicure.

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French manicures — especially when styled with a thin tip — have grown drastically in popularity, according to Lippmann. 

“Those that want a pop of color but don’t want to commit to a full nail can change the color of their tip to match any look or aesthetic,” the manicurist told Insider. “For an added glam, chrome or designs can be added.”

Aura nails offer unique gradient designs.

The aura nail trend is a fresh take on gradient nail art.


Aura nails have been blowing up on social media, according to Dang. 

The nail artist explained that the style’s outer-to-inner gradient gives a subtle nod to auras — spiritual energy surrounding a life source.

“This look has transitioned into different airbrushed styles and adds a level of creativity to any nail look,” Dang told Insider.

Red nails are simple yet remain a classy staple.

Different shades of red nail polish will be popular this fall.

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Having red nails is one of the easiest ways to look classy without putting in much effort, Lippmann told Insider.

“Red is going to be a major color for fall clothing trends and the same goes for nails,” she said.  “I have already seen a rise in red manicures, and it will definitely go into the fall.”

Spooky goth-glam nails are on the rise.

Goth-glam nails have a mixture of dark and neutral colors.

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The gothic trend encompasses all things dark and dramatic. Think shades of black, purple, and red as well as gothic-inspired nail accessories.

“With the rise of goth-glam trends across the beauty space, I expect the goth-glam nail trend of darker colors and neutrals to be a popular trend,” Lippmann told Insider. 

It’s officially time to say goodbye to the accent nail.

Accent nails are no longer popular.

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According to Dang, the ever-popular accent nail has officially lost its momentum.

“Rather than opting for one accent nail, most are opting for a more seamless, streamlined look, whether it be all accent nails or a more minimalist style,” she said. 

Cooler tones are replacing neon nails to complement the season.

Neon nails are being replaced by cooler tones.

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In anticipation of fall, Lippmann said neon manicures will be replaced by darker and cool-toned nails.

“Many love neon nails in the warmer months, especially when you are out and about in the sun, but you can expect this trend to die down as the cooler months come in,” the manicurist told Insider

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