Nail salon opened for people with sensory issues and disabilities

Poppy Jones decided to take up painting nails in her own salon after being inspired by miniature painting and as someone who always has a good eye for detail.

As a miniature artist, she realised that in the current financial climate, she would need to try something “more lucrative and financially consistent”.

After embarking on an online course to learn everything about the nail trade, health and safety and the ins and out of running a salon, with some inspiration and support from her mother, she noticed a gap in the market for support in this environment for people with disabilities or who are neurodivergent.

South Wales Argus: Poppy is hoping to become well-known in her community and beyond for her nail artPoppy is hoping to become well-known in her community and beyond for her nail art (Image: Poppy Jones)Ms Jones said: “After noticing that gap, I decided to create a very popular neurodivergent checklist, this way you can tell me confidentially about any sensory issues or anything that I can try and make the appointment be more comfortable for anyone.

“So, with that in mind and a very fortunate number of great friends who also helped get this set up, I transformed the wonderful space in my garage and created ‘The Cure’.

“The aesthetic is based on mythical and witchy magical things; one because I’m a bit quirky and like this sort of stuff myself but two, because I like the idea that I can conjure up and transform nails as if by magic.”

Even though she is still learning on the job, Ms Jones says the support from locals has been fantastic and has encouraged her to push on with her big plans for the business.

Ms Jones added: “I hope to be known for my nail art in the future. I would never have thought that I could make this happen so I want this to be a great message to everyone, you can do anything you put your mind to!”

Appointments can be booked through Facebook at

You can find The Cure Nails by Poppy in Caerphilly, not far from the Masons Arms pub on Mill Road.

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