Nail techs love spending their time on your hands

Lavish Nail Lounge owners Mimi Tran and Julie Nguyen have opened their own salon. Photo / Warren Buckland

The reason two nail technicians decided to open their own business was so they could spend “time on your hands”.

Mimi Trang Tran and Julie Nguyen didn’t like being given a time limit for clients so the solution was to become their own boss.

The result is the beautifully appointed Lavish Nail Lounge in Market St, Hastings.

“When you come to us it’s not just about nails. It’s about relaxing and having a chat and a laugh. It feels as if we are just catching up with friends because many of them are our friends,” Nguyen said.


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Tran and Nguyen are from Vietnam and became friends nine years ago when they met while working at the same nail salon in Palmerston North.

Tran moved to Hawke’s Bay but the friends kept in touch.

“Mimi would always tell me what a nice place Hawke’s Bay was, ” Nguyen said.

“She would say how nice and warm the weather was so I decided to move here as well. We both worked at the same salon and now we have moved onto another exciting journey.”


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The salon looks stunning with luxurious chairs, shiny chrome and hundreds of bottles of nail varnish in every colour imaginable.

Lavish Nail Lounge has opened in King St, Hastings. Photo / Warren Buckland
Lavish Nail Lounge has opened in King St, Hastings. Photo / Warren Buckland

The motto for Tran when they were decorating the building was “nothing but the best for our clients”.

Lavish Nails Lounge “is a place to be pampered”, she said.

Both young women are qualified, experienced and skilled nail technicians. Nguyen also has a business degree.

They say your nails don’t have to be long to look nice.

“Everyone’s nails are different. We will take you through a step-by-step guide to help you decide what shape and length you want,” Nguyen said.

“Nail art is popular at the moment thanks to TikTok and Instagram. Lots of people come in with photos of what they would like. Popular at the moment are cat’s eyes and shiny chrome.

“Now spring is here popular colours are pastels, in summer the bright neon look will be back and people tend to go for warmer and often darker colours in winter.”

They say they are looking forward to taking their time with clients.

“It makes everyone feel more comfortable. We always greet you with a big smile and encourage you to take time to choose your colour and to relax while we do your nails.”


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And the secret is out. The women say there has been a huge increase in the number of men visiting nail salons to have a pedicure. Now they know how wonderful it feels.

Tran and Nguyen say they are so grateful to everyone who has helped them set up Lavish Nails Lounge.

“Most of them were firstly our clients and now our friends.

“We are really excited and our first day open was so busy. We are very happy. We love to make people feel good when they leave with beautiful nails then they can go home and tell their husbands — no housework.”

Lavish Nail Lounge is at 203 King St East, Hastings, and is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

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