#NailGame: 2024 Nail Trends You Must Try

As the spring season approaches, nail trends begin to show themselves. Nail technology has rapidly progressed in the last decade. This allows for more options and, therefore, more creativity. Nail technicians are charged with originality and excellent technique, and beautiful nail art emerges. 2024 nail trends utilize more art, color, and personality. 

Whether you like to go all out or keep it simple, there is something for you. 2024’s trends take classic designs and add a few more elements to push it over the top. It can be as simple as a rhinestone or more extravagant like gold pearls. Get ready to be inspired for 2024; here are five nail trends to add to your Pinterest board!

1. French Tips with a Twist

French tips have long been a go-to for those who get their nails done. They are simple, elegant, and perfect for any length. In 2024, the girls are opting for dramatics! Keeping the original French tip design, adding more detail takes the style over the top.

2. Texture

With nail art becoming increasingly creative, people always search for something to set their nails apart. In cases like this, adding a little texture is perfect. There are many ways to add texture, providing more opportunities for your personality to shine!

3. Gold Bling

Gold has been a staple in the Black community for decades. Whether necklaces, earrings, or gold teeth — it suits us well. It also bodes well for nail art. Gold nail designs may be the one thing that completes an outfit, or they may complement additional jewelry. There are several ways to utilize the gold, giving you a different option for each nail.

4. Short & Sweet

Although acrylics are popular, sometimes a simple manicure is all you need. Less is more regarding short nails, but the look can still be elevated! Add a rhinestone or maybe sheer glitter to set the manicure off.

5. Red

Red is a classic nail color, dating back to the 20s. Though less prevalent than it once was, it may return in 2024. Red nail art is no longer reserved for Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Red has many shades and tones that can best fit you. It also works well with any length.

6. Nail Sets with a Theme

Nail art and designs have become a way for people to express themselves. It is an outlet with infinite options, and you must decide what you want. But if you can’t make a decision, there is another option. Make each nail different. 2024 nail trends are all about mixing it up, doing something new and different. Next time you visit your nail tech, try giving them a theme and see what they deliver.

7. Chrome

Chrome was major in 2023 (thanks to Beyoncé), but as 2024 settles in, it’s time to add more. Often thought to be silver, chrome usually has a reflective finish. Why not have pink, blue, or orange reflective nails? The possibilities are endless! 

Remember to try something new when you choose your next nail set. These 2024 nail trends revisit old trends and reinvent nail art. Express yourself with your next design!

What is your favorite 2024 nail trend so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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