Nailing It in Style: 2023’s Hottest Nail Trends

The global nail polish market grew from $11.57 billion in 2022 to $12.96 billion in 2023. The ever-evolving styles in nail artistry are one of the main drivers of this growth.

The nail polish market is expected to continue to grow to $19.67 billion in 2027 – driven mostly by women in the North American workforce.

You’re not alone if nail care is a normal part of your beauty regimen. Nail design is one of the easiest and most noncommittal ways to change one’s appearance. 2023 has introduced several new trends that take nail fashion to the next level. Variations in nail art make a fashion statement that reflects the wearer’s personality.

Nail Colors and Patterns

Blush Nails

This nail pattern is typically made in hues of mauve, pink, and peach, which gives the impression of facial blushing. Blush nails use a milky white polish as the base color, with the blush color starting at the center of the nail and branching outwards, similar to a sheer ombré.

Chrome Nails

Chrome nails, which have a shiny metallic finish that resembles a mirror, are available in various colors ranging from silver and bronze to shades of purple and blue. These finishes are flattering as a whole nail or accent color.

Dual Finish Nails

The dual finish effect is achieved by contrasting the tip of the nail from the base with two distinct polishes, such as shimmery with glossy, metallic with matte, and shiny with matte. It’s a manicure that offers the best of both worlds.

Matte Topcoats

A matte finish elevates the look of any nail, regardless of length, color, or the type of polish used as a base color. Adding a matte topcoat to cream, glitter, metallic, pearly, or textured polish finishes gives them a fresh, new look.

Pink Nails

Pink has always been a mainstay color for nail design. The popularity of the movie Barbie made all shades of pink the must-have color of 2023. In addition to the bright pink popularized by the film, pale, and pastel muted pink hues give nails a fresh look.

Pop Art Nails

Also called cartoon nails, pop art nails’ bold colors and patterns draw inspiration from comic books. These nail patterns are distinguished by the lines painted around the edges of the nail, similar to the outlines found in cartoon drawings, and the use of bright colors.

Red Wine Shades

A striking alternative to pure black is dark red colors, especially those resembling the look of red wine. Shades such as merlot, burgundy, berry, mahogany, and sangria are versatile, fashion-forward, and stand out best.

Nail Shapes

Almond Shaped

This silhouette is elongated like an oval with a tip rounded like an almond. Almond-shaped nails are a popular contour for those with naturally long nails and those wearing tips and extensions, but this contour also works for shorter nails.

Coffin Nails

Another style that is suitable for longer artificial and natural nail lengths is coffin nails. Also called ballerina’s nails, these sleek nails are tapered on the sides and have tips that are filed flat. The names are because of the shape’s close resemblance to a ballet slipper and a coffin.

Micro Nails

Thanks to the micro nail trend, French manicures are no longer the exclusive domain of longer nails. Wearers of short nails can treat themselves to a micro French manicure, which creates a super thin contrasting line of color across the nail tip in classic white or any color.

Short Stiletto Nails

Traditional stiletto nails are long with tips filed into an almond or pointed shape. The length and shape of stiletto nails may be impractical for many. Still, the short stiletto offers the same bold, dramatic look but with a shorter nail length.

Square Oval

Anyone who has difficulty choosing between having their nail tips filed in a square or oval shape will love the squared oval outline. The nail tips are filed square, but the corners are rounded off to give them a softer yet flattering appearance.

Nail Art

Three Dimensional Nails

Three-dimensional or 3-D nails are all about forms and shapes created on top of the nail to add fun or drama to a manicure. Adding water droplets, miniature bows, flowers, and gummy accents are creative 3-D nail art examples.

Studded Nails

Whether large or small, studded styles can give the tamest of nail colors a unique look. The design possibilities are endless, whether the studs are metallic spikes, colorful rhinestones, or understated pearls.

Nail Piercings

The next step beyond classic nail adornments is nail piercing. One or more tiny holes are drilled in the nail tip, and accent pieces like rings, charms, and chains are attached to the holes for a dangling jewelry effect.

Textured Nails

Textured nail art gives nails the look and feel of raised textures, like crushed velvet, lace, and molten lava. This effect is accomplished using sculpting nail gel, elements of 3D nail design, and nail color.

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