NBA YoungBoy Gets Tattoo Honoring His Love Of Nail Polish

NBA YoungBoy has never shied away from expressing himself on his own terms, and the 23-year-old rapper has now fully embraced his fondness for nail polish.

In the newly released music video for “Parasites” featuring ILOVEMAKONNEN, a new tattoo has been spotted on the Louisiana native’s left arm. The pink and black ink, upon closer inspection, appears to be a nail polish bottle. This is an accessory that he has consistently worn of late and is now associated with his image.


The “Outside Today” spitter has been ridiculed in the past for his fashion choices, which he clearly is unfazed by. Though he has fired back at those who have criticized him for painting his fingernails, the tattoo confirms that he refuses to budge.

Check out his new arm art below:

Last year, YoungBoy addressed critics who weren’t feeling his new nails and told them he simply didn’t care what they had to say.

“Everybody want to talk about my nails,” he said as he showed them off during an Instagram Live stream. “I done fucked them up, huh. You heard me, everybody want to play with the Slime, but it’s all good.”

Soulja Boy Continues His NBA YoungBoy Tirade: ‘Bring Your P-ssy-Ass Outside’

Soulja Boy Continues His NBA YoungBoy Tirade: ‘Bring Your P-ssy-Ass Outside’

He added: “You know I’m a big troll, as long as I ain’t no bitch troll. You can talk about my nails all you want, bitch. I know somebody who wish they could paint they nails right now … so mama, how do you think I should go about this because you hurt my feelings, I ain’t never do none of y’all anything.”

Though he didn’t mention any names, fans believe he was referring to Soulja Boy, who had previously called out rappers for wearing nail polish and lipstick.


“I don’t put fingernail polish on my nails I don’t do – this is chapstick,” Soulja Boy said on IG Live while holding up his chapstick in response to a fan who asked why he was “putting lipstick on.”

“Why don’t you go on your favorite rapper live and ask him why he got fingernail polish on? Or ask him why he got lipstick on?” he continued. “Nah, you wanna come to a real n-gga live, a real gangsta and play with a n-gga talking about some chapstick, man. Stop playing.


“But when your real favorite rapper put fingernail polish on his nails, y’all don’t see that shit huh? Y’all don’t see that though, huh? He a gangsta, right? … Y’all like to play with the real n-ggas, go play with the… n-ggas that actually put shit on they’re nails.”

A month later, Soulja doubled down on his comments during another livestream, saying: “You gon’ die, n-gga. Fuck you talking ’bout, n-gga? We not painting our nails, n-gga. We standin’ on business. I’m one of the last straight rappers in the game, n-gga. Everybody gay, n-gga.”


The “Crank That” rapper also seemingly took exception to NBA YoungBoy’s “Stop the Violence” message, which he’s been promoting in songs and social media posts, by letting his rival know that his M.O. is very much the opposite.

“We promoting beef, we promoting violence, we not painting our finger nails, n-gga. Fuck you talking ’bout?” he clarified. “Y’all can be brainwashed if y’all want to, n-gga. I’m a head shot a n-gga.

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