Netflix’s live-action One Piece recruits its first lot of baddies for season 2

One Piece season 2 is yet to start filming, but it has just added a fresh batch of pirates for Luffy and co to take down.

With the live-action adaptation One Piece being as successful as it was, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Netflix quickly renewed it for a second season. Not a huge amount has been shared about season 2 just yet, but Netflix did have some big news to share today: the first batch of new cast mates has been announced, giving everyone a first look at the Baroque Agents. Joining the cast in season 2 are David Dastmalchian (Ant Man, Late Night With the Devil) as Mr. 3, Camrus Johnson (Batwoman) as Mr. 5, Daniel Lesker (Raised by Wolves) as Mr. 9, and Jazzara Jaslyn (Warrior) as Miss Valentine.

I won’t spoil too much for you, but the Baroque Agents in the original series are a criminal syndicate that is aiming to conquer the Arabasta Kingdom, so the casting of these characters is clearly pointing to where the Straw Hats are heading next. As you can probably tell by the naming convention, there are a bunch of other numbered Baroque Agents that will show up too, with the head honcho yet to be revealed, so you’ll have to stay put for more casting news on that front.

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Manga creator Eiichiro Oda has previously said that Tony Tony Chopper will be introduced in season 2, and co-showrunner Matt Owens has also noted that Dr. Kureha will be a big part of it as well. There hasn’t been any indication as to when everyone can expect season 2 just yet though, and with casting clearly still in progress, it’s likely we won’t see anything more until 2025 at the earliest. That’s OK though, as Netflix is also developing a new One Piece anime that will start right back at the beginning of the series, so you have that to look forward to too.

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