New BoxLunch Horror Merch Features Some Of Our Favorite Baddies

Uh-oh. New BoxLunch horror merch just dropped and we may as well just hand over our wallets right now. Highlights of the collection include baseball tees and jerseys, paying homage to classic horror franchises. Fans of Beetlejuice, Child’s Play, IT, Friday The 13th, Halloween, and many more are in for a treat with this collection, perfect for celebrating the Halloween season in style. Bad guys on jerseys? Now we have something to wear to *insert sporting event* parties. And basically the entire months of September and October feel like Game Day for horror fans, so this sports-inspired collection is pretty damn fitting if you ask us. And you know we can’t resist Jason on a hockey jersey! Check out the details on the full line below, featuring Beetlejuice, Chucky, and Michael Myers. Go, Haddonfield Slashers!


Great. Now the only problem is narrowing down which ones we should get! “BoxLunch has always been committed to offering new and unique merchandise that speaks to all types of fandoms, and horror is something we hadn’t leaned into previously,” said Rick Vargas, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing at BoxLunch. “With this new range of horror merchandise, we’re excited to bring a touch of horrifying nostalgia and excitement to our customers, not just during the Halloween season, but all year round.”
The all-new exclusive horror merchandise from BoxLunch is now available in-store and online.


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