New York Fashion Week: Discover the coolest glam looks

New York Fashion Week: Discover the coolest glam looks


September 13, 2023 | 03:51 pm
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Explore fall’s coolest looks before it wraps up today

The coveted New York Fashion Week is nearing closure on September 13.

Fashion events like these unfold many trends both on the runway and behind it as designers, artists, and business titans start laying the groundwork for a full year of fashion and beauty trends.

Before the event concludes today, check out some of the coolest looks you might want to try this fall.

Wet hair look

A major style trend that emerged during the week was the wet look. From glossy beauty to damp hair styles, many designers opted for this sleek appearance.

Slicked-back hair gave the appearance of having been wet recently.

This season introduced a slightly softer and more meticulously groomed wet look, making it an ideal choice for coping with the city’s scorching weather.

Blurry berry lips

Move over the natural look and make way for blurry berry lips. Many models were spotted rocking the blurry lip look on the runway this season.

The look focuses on bright lip shades in the center and then blending out towards the edges of the lips.

Further, brown emerged as the new statement lip color in many of the events during the week.

Long braids 

Long braids were the style of the season.

Designers tried a variety of braids on the models, including traditional braids, basket braids, and French braids. Some even added color accents and seashell appliques to their hair to spice up the look.

Additionally, Y2K styles such as micro braids, and face-framing tendrils made a comeback, creating a cool and effortlessly classic look.

Abstract eyeliner

Sharp eyeliner designs were another statement look from the fashion week. Although abstract graphic eyeliner is not new, this season pushed the boundaries of conventional designs.

Eyeliners in unusual hues and shapes stood out on the ramps with many models sporting graphic eyeliner designs.

Not just it, glitter and chrome eye makeup have also been rocking the runway during this week.

Multi-dimensional nails

Three-dimensional acrylics made an appearance on the runway.

Unlike traditional nail art, which primarily relies on 2D designs and patterns, multi-dimensional nail art adds depth and texture to your fingertips.

These nail sets had rock studs, pearl, and gemstone embellishments, thereby creating a 3D effect on the nails.

Many creative eye-catching designs in vibrant colors were seen during the week.

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