Nicki Minaj Defends Her “No.1” Status After Cardi B Talks Inspiring Other Female Artists

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are flexing their career credentials, with the former dishing out a stern warning to anybody doubting her spot at the top. 

The rap queens have been embroiled in a simmering feud, and have clashed on numerous occasions over the years.

On Monday evening (June 24,) Cardi shared her reaction to receiving the Inspiration Award from Jason Lee at his 2024 Impact Awards. 

According to Cardi B, Lee always tells her, “You’re that b####. You’re her,” and reminds her of her accomplishments and longevity in the game.  

“I obviously see it,” she said of her impact on the industry. “Sometimes people always want to underestimate everything I have done but I know I have made a change in my field. I know I changed a lot of s###.” 

Furthermore, Cardi B asserted, “I know I give a lot of girls inspiration, no matter if they admit it or not. Baby, I see Cardi B all over you, baby. B####, don’t play yourself.” 

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Meanwhile, a short while after Hollywood Unlocked posted the clip of Cardi B, Nicki Minaj hopped on X (Twitter) to lay claim to the rap queen crown. Furthermore, while Lee believes Cardi B is “that b####,” Nicki Minaj disagrees. 

“Hi so let’s get into this right now,” Minaj began. “I’m that Btch. That’s Number 1. Number 2. Revisit number one.” 

She continued, serving a warning to anybody doubting her claims. “If it means you gotta revisit that s### 500 times a day, DO IT!!!!!!!! Before you EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think bout playing pon MY BOMBOROSCLOT HEADTOP!!!!!” Minaj concluded. 

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