Overwatch 2’s New Season Will See The Goodies And Baddies Swap Sides

Overwatch 2’s newest season is rapidly approaching, with one of the most exciting themes that was teased at BlizzCon – a ‘What-If’ style mirror universe where the heroes are the villains, and vice-versa.

The official trailer has dropped, giving us an unencumbered look at what the big names of Overwatch look like when their moral compass has been shifted 180°:

Some classic faces of the Talon and Overwatch factions are switching locker rooms to see how the other side lives, and it is super neato – albeit strangely unbalanced. From the trailer, we see the following switcheroos:

Overwatch Talon
  • Reinhardt
  • Briggite
  • Tracer
  • Ana
  • Sojourn
  • Mercy
  • Doomfist
  • Widowmaker
  • Sombra

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the disparity there – why do we have so many seconding heroes, and bugger all baddies? It’s awesome seeing Doomfist in the classic Overwatch long coat – so where are the rest of his mates?

In some cases, the mid-season patches for a season do bring a smattering of additional nifties to the game – and it may well be that the in-game event for this season that capitalises on the theme of “Mirrorwatch” may be deliberately set up to explain why the bad guys are so numerous. Hopefully a few more villains suit up in their good-guy blues, because I’d love to see characters like Mauga or Sigma slip into something a little more …valorous.

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Edit: Upon re-watch, I have now noticed that prim and proper character Symettra seems to be sporting a ‘Junker’ style skin. So we may well be seeing other factions swapping gear also. Gentleman Roadhog, anyone?

The real crown jewel of the whole rollout is the sweet new Mercy Mythic – Vengeance Mercy. Pulling double duty between a villainous persona and an angelic look, the cosmetic plays both sides by way of styles and colourations. I had managed to wean myself off playing the classic support character, but with drip this fantastic I may well find myself dragged back into becoming what I hate –a damage boosting nightmare.

Season 10 will also see a trial of the new 5v5 game mode ‘Clash’, which comes with a new map that is close to many players hearts: Hanaoka, the spiritual successor to the long lost and beloved Hanamura map. Players will also see the debut of the newest cast member, Venture – joining the roster as the newest damage hero.

This season also marks the introduction of a new unlock method for Mythic skins, unshackling them from specific Battle Pass purchases and instead letting players progress to purchase them with a unique currency regardless of season – handy for when the seasonal reward is for a character your don’t play.

It’s a gigantic set of changes, and may well mark the real start of the 2024 Overwatch experience considering how much is being implemented.

Overwatch 2 Season 10: Venture Forth launches April 17 in Australia.

Are you keen to see how the other side lives? Hungry to release your inner villain? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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