Pedicure Nail Art Is The Y2K Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere In 2023

Of all the Y2K trends coming back in style, pedicure nail art might be the best. While a classic and natural pedicure will always be a trendy choice, we’re seeing the individuality and playfulness we added to our pedicures in the early aughts come back in nail fashion favor.

“The mood right now is all about experimentation, expressing your creative or playful side and personality,” Sonia Hully, nail expert and founder of nail polish brand Nailberry, tells Who What Wear. “Statement nails are increasingly popular; often the big toe. We’re adding small, simple flowers, glitter or jewel embellishments to make our pedicures pop.”

Nail designs can be one of the easiest styles to incorporate because it’s completely based on your personality. The best way to go about pedicure nail art is to find something you love and put it on your toes. By using yourself as inspiration, you can fully embody the perfect early 2000s pedi.

Cat lovers unite

Cats are an adorable and fun nail design for your next pedicure. While it might not be for everyone, cat lovers (and fans of Hello Kitty!) will love adding a little furry touch to their next nail appointment. Cats are pretty easy to do, making it an option for those who go to the salon or do it themselves.

Rhinestones for a little extra shine

Rhinestones are the perfect option for the diva who wants their toes to be visible from a mile away. They are great because you can add as much or as little as you want, and they will still make a statement. If you want to take a fun risk, ask your nail technician to freestyle the rhinestones and see what she comes up with.

Remix your French tips

Who says you have to be stuck with the regular French tip pedicure? If you want to try nail art, but don’t consider yourself a daring person, consider doing a diagonal French tip on the nail. This design is easy to do without being boring, making it the perfect introduction to nail art.

Add a little love to your pedicure

Heart-inspired nail art is having a major moment, and for good reason. No matter where you put a heart design, it always adds an adorable touch to any pedicure. There are too many ways to add this precious shape to your pedicure, so it’s best to come to the salon with a reference photo.

Have fun with a few polka dots

Polka dots are super fun and instantly add whimsy to any pedicure. Plus, the color combinations you can make with this type of pattern are endless, so it can work for any aesthetic. For those who are looking to stand out, use a bright color as your base.

Embrace an intricate design

If you feel like you have an excellent nail technician, consider adding more complex art to your nail. Obviously, this does not mean having your pedicurist paint the “Mona Lisa” on your toes. Instead, have them create a detailed design that adds a little extra beauty to the toes.

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