Popular TV Personality Jonathan Doesn’t Splurge On His Girlfriend Despite Making Lots Of Money

Jonathan Yiombi is one of Korea’s popular TV personalities these days. With his fame came new wealth; however, the star shared that he makes an effort to be frugal.

Jonathan Yiombi | @yjonathanta/Instagram

Jonathan, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, became known to the public when he and his sister, Patricia, appeared on the KBS reality show Screening Humanity and showed their experience living in Korea. The siblings’ chemistry and cute bickering gained attention, and their fame continued when he guested on the MBC talk show Radio Star and showcased his humorous personality. Now, he runs a YouTube channel and appears on various TV programs, such as the recent Netflix show Zombieverse.


Recently, Jonathan and Patricia were guests on KBS’s Problem Child in House, and they talked about their growing fame and wealth.

With Jonathan becoming more famous through every broadcast he is in, he admitted that he almost fell victim to the “luxury brand disease.” There was a moment in his life when he wanted to show off luxury brand wallets to his friends as he started earning money. However, comedian Kim Sook gave him a pep talk, advising him that he does not need all the luxury brands and needs to save money. He shared that her advice to put his money into savings helped him recover from the early symptoms of the “luxury brand disease.”


Jonathan also revealed how his spending habits have changed, saying he doesn’t spend money on bags for his partner.

I don’t spend money recklessly. Even if my girlfriend wants it, I say no to luxury handbags and couple rings.

— Jonathan

It’s not just TV programs that he appears in—Jonathan appears in various advertisements, too. His success has led Jonathan and Patricia to upgrade to a bigger house.

I moved from a one-room apartment to a 3-bedroom house. Patricia and I each have our own room with dressing rooms.

— Jonathan

Patricia (left) and Jonathan (right) | @yjonathanta/Instagram

This amazed everyone, as they remembered where he started and reflected on how much he had succeeded. However, Jonathan and Patricia’s starkly different lifestyles living together led to humorous moments when she declared that she wanted to move out and live independently. Jonathan showed his protective older brother side and firmly replied, “You’re not ready for independence yet.”


Jonathan moved to South Korea in 2008 with his mother and siblings. He is the son of a former politician and diplomat of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Source: Sports Chosun

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