Purple Chrome Nails Are The Perfect Fall Pivot For Your Barbiecore Manicure

It’s time to ditch your Barbiecore pink nails and go for purple chrome instead. Purple chrome embraces the darker tones that come with classic autumnal style while still keeping the girlish appeal we all love. The nail color has been worn by a few of our favorites, including Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber, the pioneer of the chrome nail trends. While it may seem like a loud style to try, purple chrome nails can look amazing on anyone. 

To get the look, the first step is to pick the purple polish of your choice. While you technically could pull off this trend with lighter purples, deep shades help to take the Barbiecore element to the next level. Once the polish is on, the next step is to add a chrome powder on top in order to get the desired metallic look. After it is applied, use a top coat and enjoy your new nails. If you want to add a little extra to your nails, you’re in luck, because purple chrome looks just as amazing when people get creative with different styles and designs. 

Add a simple design

If you want to add a touch of your personality into your nails, consider minimalist nail designs for your next manicure. A minimalist design can be any simple drawing including a star, a few dots, or even a heart. For added flare, use chrome to highlight your design and bring everything together. 

Make your nails out of this world

A dark purple chrome manicure mimics the sky in the most beautiful way. Have your nail technician include a few stars in gold or silver to give yourself an intergalactic theme. If you want to do this design at home (but aren’t the best at nail art), add a few star stickers to create a similar look. 

Go for a French

Colorful French manicures are perfect for introducing purple chrome to your nail set. French manicures are already a classic, but adding purple chrome creates a unique look without diving fully into the intense color. When it comes to French manicures, make sure you have a technician who can create a precise design, or else the nails will look messy. 

Make it a little edgy

If you feel like you want to embrace an edgier look for your manicure, have your nail artist add metal charms to your acrylic full set. Metal charms create a beautiful pop that transforms your previously Barbiecore nails into something more suited to a Bratz doll. While silver looks great, gold charms are also an amazing option if that is your preference. 

Mix and match

There are so many beautiful shades of purple, so why should you have to choose just one? Using several purple chromes lets you have your cake and eat it, too. You might want to even incorporate pinks in there to complement your purple palette and still keep a hint of that Barbiecore vibe. 

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