Rasheeda Frost on season 2 of ‘Boss Moves with Rasheeda’

Rasheeda Frost started her career in the entertainment industry as a hip-hop artist in the 90s to being one of the most recognizable names and faces in TV. We had the opportunity to talk to Frost about the latest season of her Philo show Boss Moves with Rasheeda. You’ll know her as a cast member on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, the popular reality television series that chronicles the lives of several people in Atlanta involved with hip hop music since 2012. The longtime reality tv star has built up her brand over the years, and with a social following of over 12 million, it’s no wonder that she has a few more tricks up her sleeve and sharing her experiences and expertise through her dynamic show. Read on to learn more about how Rasheeda reacted to the news of her show getting greenlit for a season 2, how she juggles parenthood, a marriage, and entrepreneurship, and if she has some advice as to how you can be successful too.

Culturess: Obviously, you’re no stranger to reality television. Everyone pretty much knows you as the enigmatic rapper and boss woman on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. What it was like for you growing up and finding your passion for entertaining? 

RF: Growing up, a lot of people don’t know, but I’m from a factory town called Decatur, Illinois. [We] didn’t have black radio stations, none of that type of know. So a lot of times when I tell Know, I just love Know. I really had to dig in and really go buy cassette tapes. I always, as a young girl, just loved music and the way that it made me feel. Like from back in the day when. You know how you see your mama and them like dancing the songs? You’d be like, “Oh, my God, I don’t want to hear that.” For me, it just me watching them and the feeling that it gave people when certain songs came on, I was like, “You know what? I want to make people feel good like that.” I want to make people remember a certain time in their life when they hear a song from me that reminds them of something. That way, I’m engulfed into their world. I just always had an amazing love for music; Just loving the storytelling, loving the culture, the fashion, the life, and I just knew I wanted to do it.

Culturess: Well, you’re so accomplished and it sounds like you had a very humble come up, which is so awesome to hear. How you were able to parlay that passion for entertainment into your entrepreneurial endeavors? 

RF: Honestly, when you really think about it, everything kind of has a connection when it comes to hip hop. There’s a huge piece of fashion in hip hop, period. So as a young girl, even before I even started thinking about a music career for real, I always loved fashion. I dressed weird to other people because it wasn’t normal. That was like, I guess, my uniqueness, my Gemini side. I’ve always enjoyed doing things that I love and I love music and I love fashion. So when it finally came a time as I kept talking to my husband being like, “You know what? I want to start a website.” This was 14 years ago. “I want to put out fashion”. People always ask me when I’m out places, “Where’d you get this? Where’d you get that? Where’d you get this?” I’m like, “You know what? We got to turn this into a business.” So that part was an easy transition because it was just me simply doing something that I love.

Culturess: You have your own show now called Boss Moves with Rasheeda, which is so cool, and you get to talk more about your entrepreneurial ventures now that it’s going into its second season. When you first found out the news, how excited were you?

RF: I was super excited! It was just like with season one, we had a ball doing it, and we were just kind of trying to figure out exactly how we wanted to pull things together, but when it was the opportunity in season two came and they were like, “Hey, we’re ready.” We was like, “Yes, let’s go. Let’s pull it together. Let’s make it happen. Let’s give the world something different.” Being able to do so and have so much say so and really be able to shine the light on different things that people aren’t able to see from myself and my husband is a beautiful thing.

Culturess: Season two is going to be coming with the heat because you have some really cool celebrities on deck. I saw Jermaine Dupree, Toya Johnson, Reginae Carter, Marlo Hampton, all these amazing people that have established themselves in this industry. How important is it for you to surround yourself with people that are also making boss moves?

RF: Listen, that should be important for everyone or anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or has goals and dreams in their life. You always have to surround yourself around like minded-people, people who are doing things, people who inspire you; Never be the smartest person in the room type of thing. I’m a firm believer of all of that. So being able to have Jermaine and Marlo and Cynthia [Bailey] and Nellie and Toya and I got Kandi [Burruss], Yandy [Smith], just so many people. All of these are just amazing people. We all have some type of history together but have grown so much throughout all the years and have successful things going on. All of that is such an inspiration. So for us to be able to do this, come full circle, then turn around and talk about it, is a beautiful thing too.

Culturess: Not only are you a businesswoman, but you’re also a mom and a wife. So how do you balance your personal life with also establishing yourself with your entrepreneurial endeavors?

RF: Girl, I don’t have the recipe. I tell people all the time, “There is no manual. There is no pamphlet.” Child, there is no website to go to for the answer. You just got to know within yourself what it is you’re trying to do and you really have to do it. It’s like nowadays, everybody just wants things so easy. I’m so blessed to come up in an era where you really had to work hard, like even being in the music industry. I came from the music industry where there was no Twitter, there was no MySpace. I started even before all of that. No Instagram, no TikTok, no, none of that. You really had to dig in. You had to go in, city to city. You had to pump the music, sell the CDs out of your trunk. You had to do all of that. So I just say every day, “I don’t have all the answers.” I don’t have everything figured out, but at the end of the day, I stay focused, I stay diligent, I try to do the best that I can, and that’s all I can do.

Culturess: It makes sense. I think a lot of poise and I feel like people who are entrepreneurs, it’s hard to kind of balance your personal branding with your professional branding, and I feel like you do such a good job at both. You are the owner of you have a boutique in Atlanta, in Houston, how do you balance that type of branding for yourself, but also for your businesses?

RF: I find myself having to try to put schedules together. There are certain times where it’s just like, “Okay, I have to get focused.” I have to line certain things up on days when I don’t feel like doing anything, because a lot of times people are like, “I love seeing you push your clothes and you take all the pictures and you do all that.” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s a lot of work”. Some days you don’t feel like doing it, but you have to think about the bottom line and what you’re trying to accomplish, and you can never get complacent in any type of realm of business. You always have to stay focused. You have to work hard. You have to know the business, understand changes, understand when to pivot, when not to pivot, and know that you have to every day, put in the work so that you can receive the fruits of the labor and the successes of the business. So, I’m a firm believer in that, and I know if I’m chilling and not giving, how am I going to receive what I want if I’m not putting in the work and or delegating the people to do it, but [instead] leading by example and showing them how.

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