Rock The Bells Festival Celebrates Hip-Hop’s 50th with a Sweet M&M’S® Twist

Presented in partnership with M&M’S®, proudly part of Mars, the brand added a delightful touch, crafting memorable experiences that resonated with the festival’s vibrancy and culture.

The Rock The Bells Festival commemorated a significant milestone: the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop. The event was more than just a musical gathering; it showcased the genre’s deep-rooted legacy – seamlessly bridging the past and present. The intersection of Hip-Hop’s storied history and modern-day evolutions was obvious throughout the festival. Beyond just the music, it was evident in the fashion, the conversations, and the palpable energy of the crowd. The Rock The Bells Festival served as a testament to Hip-Hop’s enduring influence, reminding attendees of its transformative power in shaping global culture, fashion, and social movements.

M&M’S® Joins the Beat: A Sweet Intersection

As attendees enjoyed the music, the M&M’S® Brand – which is on a mission to bring people together through colorful fun and music – seamlessly added a delightful touch to the festival’s ambiance. The brand’s subway-themed entrance wasn’t just an installation; it was a slice of the Big Apple itself. Imbued with the dynamic energy of NYC streets and interwoven with the playful and iconic allure of the M&M’S® Brand, it was an instant hit. Festival-goers were drawn to this imaginative space, making it a bustling hub throughout the event. It wasn’t just an entrance—it was a portal to shared stories, spontaneous selfies, and laughter, creating an indelible stamp on the memories of all who passed through.

Diving Deeper: The M&M’S® Subway Experience

Beyond the entrance, the subway train installation was more than just a display—it amplified the festival’s overall vibe. Seamlessly integrated with the festival’s energy, the space provided an immersive experience that resonated with the rhythm and zeal of the event. With its meticulous design and interactive elements, attendees were drawn in, offering them a unique platform to engage and connect with M&M’S®. It wasn’t just an entrance; it was a highlight of the festival, seamlessly blending immersive design with the overarching energy of the celebration.

The Rock The Bells Festival epitomized the fusion of music and culture. While Hip-Hop proudly honored its illustrious past and future, M&M’S® brought its A-game by uniting attendees with fun, vibrant experiences, making the festival all the more unforgettable.

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