Rollie Thinks Her Butt Looks ‘Natural’ After 2nd BBL Surgery

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Rollie Pollie is loving her “natural” booty after her second Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

The Baddies South star, aka Goldie Martin, flaunted what the surgeon gave her in a clip shared on Instagram July 29. She showed off her newly-enhanced figure in a black rhinestone two-piece set from Fashion Nova.

She also gushed about her “natural” looking derrière on her Instagram Stories July 31. The Zeus star joked about telling any man that sees her naked that her incision sites are scars from getting gunshots in the behind.

“I love that my ass looks so natural. Unless the nigga know me he will never know I did fat transfer. Imma just tell him I got shot in the ass [and] that’s where the holes came from.”

Rollie also praised a compression wrapping method by post-op therapist Latonya Myers of Atlanta’s Lift Hearts Recovery LLC.

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Source: Courtesy of Rollie Pollie

 The Baddies South star raised eyebrows in May when she went in for a BBL and chin liposuction.

At the time, former Love & Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha and other social media users expressed concern for Rollie’s health. Without knowing any personal details on the Zeus star’s medical records, they alleged that Rollie was particularly vulnerable to surgical complications due to her allegedly high BMI, or body mass index.

Rollie clapped back at Masika on Instagram and bluntly told the former L&HH star to mind the business that pays her.

“First off, be TF quiet. You don’t know what you’re talking about. My BMI for my size was beyond good. I am beyond healthy and I have lost weight. My procedure was great and I got the results I was looking for, AND I’M NOT DONE! Worry about you and your life. Must got a lot of misery.”

Rollie got her BBLs via Goals Plastic Surgery. The organization is a body sculpting and cosmetic procedure provider with locations across the U.S.

Goals Plastic Surgery offers “exclusive” services such as FlexSculpt and Double BBL, both of which Rollie received. The FDA has yet to release any information or commentary on the safety of the procedures — and a BBL is still considered a highly dangerous cosmetic surgery.

Many patients have shared their horrible experiences with the organization and have tried to stop others from choosing the provider. On social media, previously hopeful female patients have detailed how their poorly performed and painful surgeries didn’t result in the dream bodies and confidence they thought they’d achieve. 

Several women were unhappy with their results or frustrated that their surgery barely transformed their appearance. Moreover, others condemned the cosmetic provider for unprofessionalism and unresponsiveness regarding pre-op consultations, post-op massages and billing.

Several Instagram pages, including @BotchedByGoalsPlasticSurgery, and @GoalsBotchedPlasticSurgery, document women’s disturbing and frightening stories. Those affected have also taken to YouTube and Twitter to discuss how they or others have been botched by the problematic provider.

Goals Plastic Surgery’s founder, Sergey Voskresenskiy, M.D., graduated from medical school in Azerbaijan, according to Marie Claire. The doctor trained as a pediatrician and moved to New York City in the 1990s. 

By the late 2010s, he got into the cosmetic surgery realm through his venture, Allure Clinic, as an attempt to capitalize on the growing billion-dollar market. After settling an unpaid wages lawsuit in 2017, the clinic changed its name to Goals Plastic Surgery — and the doctor changed his name to “Dr. Voskin.”

In October 2011, the FBI arrested the M.D.’s wife, Ella Voskresenskiy (now Voskin). She pled guilty to conspiring to defraud the Claims Conference (established to aid Nazi persecution survivors) of over $57 million in 2013. Despite facing a maximum 40-year sentence, she served 36 months in federal prison and was released in 2016. She then became her husband’s “supervisor for advertising and social media,” noted Marie Claire

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