“Serpent” Nails, Crimson-Colored Swirls, & 20 More Dark Red Nail Ideas For Fall

With the last few days of summer ahead and New York Fashion Week well underway, all of the cozy fall vibes and buzzy trends are coming in hot. And when it comes to the manicure looks to watch for the cooler months ahead? Well, there are two distinct camps beginning to emerge.

For some, their go-to nails are kept understated, minimal, and very much in the line with the “quiet luxury” aesthetic — which means “your nails but better” shades of neutral nail polish are a must. On the complete other end of the spectrum lives a “more is more” mindset, and is filled with 3D details, chromatic finishes, coquette-ish balletcore ribbons, mosaic nails, and the like.

No matter your personal mani mantra, one thing is for certain: Shades of red are having their main character moment, with A-listers like Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeney, Emily Ratajkowski, getting in on the bold look.

“While a red nail polish hue stain lends a more stubborn mark, there are a multitude of ways to keep your nail beds stain-free,” Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of teneoverten, tells Bustle. “A reliable base coat is non-negotiable, [and] consistent nail hydration will also prevent residual dye.” If you need a recommendation, try The Rose Oil, an easy option for on-the-go usage.

From simple burgundy French tips to some luxurious velvet finishes (in easy to use press-ons, too), here are 22 dark red nail art ideas for the fall 2023 months ahead.

Megan Fox’s Alien Superstar Claws

On the heels of dying her strands a vivid shade of red velvet, it’s clear Fox is in her boldest era yet — with the alien-esque nails painted by Brittney Boyce to match.

Sultry French Tips

These XXL coffin-shaped Frenchies are made all the more stunning painted in a deep red hue.

Brick Red Polish

Ruby Gemstone Tips

Make your tips look like gorgeous ruby gemstones with this magical mani.

Abstract Burgundy Lines

Take your manicure to the next level with some on-trend swirls in a stunning burgundy hue.

Elevated Frenchies

Elevate your go-to French tips with this minimal (yet still unique) set.

Sydney Sweeney’s Goth Aura Nails

Red Chrome Press-On Nails

For an on-trend manicure that has a buzzy chromatic finish, the To Me, From Me set from Static Nails is a clear must-have.

Red Glittered Ombré

Dress up chic black nails with some deep red glitter blended from the tips for a quintessential fall manicure.

A Bit Of Scarlet Chrome

Adorn your red chrome tips with some pretty studs.

Croc Print French Nails

Understated Deep Red Details

Keep your nails simple and sultry with an off-center French tip in a near-black, dark red shade.

“More Is More” Mani

Velvet Vibes

Velvet textures on your tips add the coziest vibes, especially for the chilliest months of the year.

High-Shine Jelly Lacquer

Cherry Jelly is a unique, jelly-like polish with a sheer, high-shine finish.

Chromatic Cherries

For a mani that is very much Lana Del Rey-coded, opt for some chrome cherries in lieu of a typical French tip.

Velvety Press-Ons

Coquette Vibes

Soft girl balletcore mani, but make it red.

Red Bottom Tips

Flame On

Add a bit of heat into your fall-time looks with some red flame detailing.

Sweet Cherry Pie

Red-Base French

Tap a clear red base in place of a traditional sheer pink for an eye-catching French set that adds a bit of color to your look.

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